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Sabrina Lekaj
Sabrina Lekaj

Sabrina Lekaj Wiki – Bio

Medical student Sabrina Lekaj, 20 years old girl From Adelaide, who scored 99.35 in her year 12 exams. Sabrina Lekaj found stabbed to death beside her seriously injured father inside a luxury Mercedes just outside the family home found brutally stabbed to  was found dead inside the car beside her seriously injured father, Petrit Lekaj inside a luxury Mercedes just outside the family home

Sabrina Lekaj Wiki Age

Sabrina Lekaj was 20 years old.

Sabrina Lekaj Educational Background


Sabrina Lekaj attended Nazareth Catholic College in Adelaide, graduating in 2016 with a leading score in biology and religious studies. Sabrina Lekaj was accepted into the University of South Australia where she was studying classical piano performance and medical imaging. She was a top student who had graduated high school with a score of 99.35.


Sabrina Lekaj Last Night

Ms Lekaj had spent her last night alive partying with Ms Valstar at The Dog and Duck, their favourite Adelaide night spot. It was a night out to celebrate an intense exam period for the bright medical student. After their night out Ms Lekaj stayed at Ms Valstar’s house, where she remained until about 1pm on Sunday. When she finally hopped in her white Mercedes-Benz sedan to drive home she told her best friend she would call when she arrived.

Sabrina Lekaj Father Petrit Lekaj is in suspected

Ms Lekaj, 20, had complained to friends about the strictness of her parents – including that her father had banned her from having a boyfriend and forced her to go to university.

On this matter Sabrina’s mother Romina broke her silence in the wake of her husband’s guilty plea to claim he was not an ‘evil person.

As recently as hours before her death Sabrina had complained to friends about the ‘controlling’ ways of her father, including that he forbid her to have a boyfriend.

‘She said that he would often argue with her over little things, that he would try and control her life,’ Ms Lekaj’s close friend Katie Valstar told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Her dad would ask her all the time if she had a boyfriend and it really left her feeling like she couldn’t do anything without running it past them

Who is Petrit Lekaj Bio

Father of Sabrina Lekaj, An Adelaide 49 Years Old man Petrit Lekaj has pleaded guilty to murdering his daughter, who was found dead in a car metres from their family home, as his wife reveals she feels she has “lost both” her husband and daughter.Sabrina Lekaj’s body was found in a car near her home in Adelaide’s west
Her father was charged with her murder from his hospital bed
He has today told his lawyer he wanted to plead guilty
Petrit Lekaj appeared in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court via video link from a mental health facility this morning.

His daughter, 20-year-old Sabrina Lekaj, was found dead in a car about 250 metres from her family home in Kidman Park, in Adelaide’s west, alongside her injured father.

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Fast Facts to know You Need To Know

  • Sabrina Lekaj, 20, was stabbed to death by her father Petrit, 49, in west Adelaide
  • Mr Lekaj pleaded guilty to his daughter’s murder in magistrates court on Monday
  • Romina Lekaj – Sabrina’s mother and Petrit’s wife – broke her silence after court
  • She claimed her husband wasn’t an ‘evil person’ and ‘never showed any violence’
  • After stabbing his daughter inside her Mercedes-Benz he turned knife on himself
  • Ms Lekaj told friends that her parents were controlling and they had a ‘lot of beef’