Sacramento Police Release Video of Armed Suspect Exchanging Gunfire With Officers

Police Release Video of Armed Suspect

Sacramento police officials released a video Monday of an April 11 confrontation in which officers shot a suspected attempted murder in the parking lot of a supermarket mall near Cosumnes River College. The man shot by police officers was in stable condition Monday and continued to receive medical treatment, according to a press release from the Sacramento Police Department. The department has said the shooting occurred around 4:30 p.m. in the parking lot between Foods Co. and its service station in the 7400 block of West Stockton Boulevard in the Valley Hi / North Laguna section of the city. No officer was injured in the shooting.

Marysville police notified Sacramento officials that they were suspicious of an armed suspect in the area about an hour before the shooting. The suspect was driving alone in a Chevrolet Impala for several miles through southern Sacramento before stopping at Foods Co. gas pumps, according to Radio dispatch traffic. Police released two body camera videos, along with two camera videos on the shooting board. The video shows police following the suspect to the mall, where the suspect’s silver car first stopped at a gas station.

Then the driver exited and entered the parking lot before stopping. The driver got out and stood in front of the stopped police patrol behind him. He appears to be taking out a gun and pointing it at the police, moments before it appears that shots are being exchanged. “I just saw him pull out a gun and I started shooting,” one of the officers said in one of the body camera videos. Police authorities said in the press release that the suspect pulled a black pistol from his waist, pointed the weapon at officers and fired multiple shots. Two officers responded to the fire, and the suspect then ran northwest through the parking lot.

The suspect reportedly fired his weapon at officers again as he lay face down, according to police. Officers then tactically approached the suspect and detained him. In one of the body camera videos, the man who was shot is on the ground and injured while yelling at officers. “Leave me alone, let me die,” he yelled at the police. “Shoot me again.” Sacramento police officers have yet to reveal the man’s name. They said they will continue to hide their name until their medical treatment is complete and can be booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail. They also said additional details will be released as the investigation continues. “All the published videos of this incident have been written to guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of those involved,” according to the police press release. “The faces have been blurred and the audio newsrooms are represented by muted audio.”


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