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Sam Resto
Sam Resto

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Sam Resto is a man from Elmhurst, Queens, who faced federal charges of setting fire to an NYPD van in Manhattan last month. Resto was spotted by NYPD officers under surveillance, filling a red canister of gasoline in Queens.
The New York Police Department detained Resto on July 28, according to the criminal complaint. They went to a gas station in Elmhurst to watch him fill a red canister with gasoline using his self-service pump and then bring it back to his apartment.
Wearing a dark Adidas cap, a dark long-sleeved top, dark jeans, dark Nike sneakers, and cut-toe gloves, he stayed at home until 11:47 p.m. on the evening he drove to Manhattan in the same clothes. , plus a backpack, according to the police.

Near 4 a.m. on July 29, the surveillance video captured someone wearing the same clothes Resto wore before, plus a Guy Fawkes mask walking into an NYPD van parked on the corner of Columbus Avenue and West 83rd Street. Prosecutors claim Resto is the man in the video, as the police removed the fingerprints from the canister and matched it with Resto.

Officers later found a backpack in the park where they said they had seen Resto. The backpack contained an Adidas hat, finger-cut gloves, a Guy Fawkes mask, a hammer, a lighter and red canister. Officers said he smelled a can of petrol.

Sam Resto Arrest

Resto was arrested by federal agents at his workplace and told them he “felt” their future for him and was preparing to escape.
Police said they found disturbing evidence at Resto’s home after her arrest and asked her to be detained without bail.
According to the NYPD, Resto was recently arrested two more times: for allegedly “shaking a chain” to someone during a parking dispute on July 10, and during an anti-police brutality protest on the Brooklyn Bridge on July 15.

Sam Resto Charges

Resto was going to hold his first hearing on the phone Friday. If convicted of federal arson charges, he could face up to 20 years in prison.
As ABC News reported, the NYPD claims that since George Floyd’s murder in May, more than 300 of his vehicles have been destroyed or damaged during the protest activity.
However, netizens disagree that Resto is a Blck Lives Matter protester. A Twitter user said that Sam does not look like a provocateur as a BLM protester.