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Samuel Paty
Samuel Paty

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The French teacher who cut off the head of a suspected Islamist terrorist yesterday for showing classroom cartoons that deceived the Prophet Muhammad is today determined to be Samuel Paty.

About 10 days before he was stabbed and beheaded by the 18-year-old gunman Aboulakh A in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 25 miles north, the 47-year-old received threats after initiating a discussion about the cartoons. West of Paris.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • A French teacher who decapitated a suspected Islamist terrorist for showing Prophet Muhammad
  • Samuel Paty, 47, was threatened before being stabbed and beheaded by the Chechen gunman Aboulakh A.
  • Muslim parents were angry at Mr. Paty’s decision to show the Prophet Muhammad’s class cartoons.
  • He had invited 47-year-old Muslim students to leave the room before showing cartoons ‘with respect’
  • A Muslim girl was left behind by mistake and later told her family that she was shown a cartoon.
  • A parent complained about his history teacher Mr.Paty and branded him as a “bandit” in an online video
  • The video was posted on Twitter and shared by a mosque in Paris, sparking outrage days before the attack
  • The murder occurred in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, 25 miles from the city center, before the police were followed.
  • Nine people arrested, including two parents who refused to show prophet cartoons
  • Emmanuel Macron condemned the murder and described the incident as an attack on freedom of expression

Samuel Paty Killed

Five years ago, he had ‘invited Muslim students out of the classroom’ before showing a caricature of the Prophet in his freedom of expression class, published by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was targeted by terrorists.

It was reported in the cartoon that the Prophet Muhammad was crouching with a star drawn on his hip and showing the inscription ‘A star is born’.

The father of a 13-year-old student at middle-class Conflans-Sainte-Honorine middle school told Reuters that Mr. Paty told any Muslim student to leave because the cartoon would likely constitute a crime. Muslims believe that any depiction of the Prophet is blasphemy.

A Muslim student accidentally left behind and later told his family. They made a complaint against the teacher and held a meeting with the school principal and an official from the education authority, Mr. Paty.

Brahim Chnina, who said her daughter was in the classroom, branded Mr. Paty as a bandit in a video posted on Twitter last week and asked the community to complain about his behavior.

“Before showing the footage, Mr. Paty asked the Muslim children to leave the room because he was planning to show something shocking,” Mr. Chnina said. What was the message he wanted to send to these kids? Why is a history teacher acting like that in front of 13-year-olds? ‘ He asked.

If you want to ‘join forces and say’ stop, don’t touch our children, send me a message. This criminal should not remain in the national education system, should not teach our children anymore. He should go and educate himself. ‘

The video sparked outrage in the community and was shared by a mosque in Pantin, a suburb of Paris. Days later, Mr. Paty was stabbed and beheaded by Russian national Aboulakh A, who shouted “Allahu Akbar” in the attack.

The suspected Islamist was shot to death by police about 600 meters from the murder yesterday, when he refused to drop his weapons and threatened police officers. It is unclear if the attacker saw the video.

French counterterrorism prosecutors said they treated the attack as “a murder linked to a terrorist organization”.

According to a judicial source, nine people were arrested, including parents of a child at school, who pointed out that they opposed the decision to show Mr. Paty’s caricature.

At first, four people were detained by the police for the murder, but the five new people held for questioning are members of the suspected Islamist’s social circle, including his grandmother, parents, and his 17-year-old brother.

 Muslim Teacher Complained

Yesterday’s terror attack came when Emmanuel Macron worked on a bill to address Islamic radicals, which the authorities claimed created a parallel society outside of French values. France is the country with the largest Muslim population in Western Europe, with up to five million members, and Islam is the country’s second religion.

The President of France condemned what he called the ‘Islamist terrorist attack’ and ‘one of our citizens was killed today for teaching freedom to believe or not. The attack should not divide France because that’s what the extremists want. As citizens, we must stand together.

Mr. Macron added: ‘It was no coincidence that the terrorist killed a teacher because he wanted to kill the Republic and his values. Enlightenment is the possibility of making our children, regardless of their religion, regardless of their religion, no matter where they come from, whatever they believe or not.

This war is ours and existential. They will not pass. The obscenity and the violence that comes with it will not win. They will not divide us. This is what they are looking for and we must stand together. ‘

Prime Minister Jean Castex wrote on Twitter today: ‘It is the Republic where Islamist terrorism strikes through one of its advocates. The state, in solidarity with its teachers, will react with great determination so that the Republic and its citizens can live freely! We will never give up. Never.’

In a speech to the country’s teachers, students, and parents, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said that Paty was killed by what he called the enemies of freedom. “The Republic will never, never, never back down when faced with terror and intimidation,” he said in a recorded statement.

Laurent Brosse, the mayor of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, said, “We will gather ourselves together, thanks to our spirit of solidarity.” Anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard is expected to make a statement today.

Police said they were investigating a tweet that showed a picture of the teacher’s head and was posted from an account that has since been closed. They said it is unclear whether the message containing a threat to Macron – calling him the ‘leader of the infidels’, was sent by the attacker.

A video shot by a local resident shows the police trying to arrest the gunman; As this person approaches, he can be heard pointing his guns at the suspect and yelling at someone who is not hot.

They shout at him repeatedly in French, “throw your gun” and “land on the ground”. At one point, a police officer is heard saying ‘fired’ but ‘these are marbles’ – suggesting that the teenager fired a BB Gun.

More inaudible shouts are heard as the police make their way up the road, where they will hide behind some trees. Seconds later, multiple gunfire can be heard as the police shoot the suspect.

In recent months, France has witnessed occasional violence involving the Chechen community in the Dijon region, the Mediterranean city of Nice and the western town of Saint-Dizier, believed to be linked to local criminal activities.

It was not known what connection the attacker had with the teacher or whether he was an accomplice.

A police source said police arrived at the scene on Friday after receiving a phone call that a suspect was walking around the school. There they found the dead man and soon saw the suspect armed with a knife-like weapon and threatened them while trying to arrest him.

The source said they opened fire and seriously injured him. According to a forensic source, the man posted on social media a horrible video of his head cut off before he was shot by the police, before he was shot. French counterterrorism prosecutors confirmed that they were investigating an attack in which a man was beheaded outside of Paris.

“The decapitated man’s body was found around 5.30 pm,” said a researcher source. “When the police arrived, the person thought to be responsible was still there and threatened him with his guns.”

The unidentified murderer later fled to the nearby town of Eragny-sur-Oise, where he refused to surrender.

“At this time he was waving a gun and threatening the officers even more,” the source said. This is when he was shot and killed by the police … About ten shots were heard.

The French parliament suspended Friday’s debate following the news of the beheading, and chairman Hugues Renson acted visibly, describing the attack as ‘disgusting’.

The lawmakers stood up and Renson said, ‘on behalf of all of us, I want to honor the memory of Mr. Paty.’ Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer tweeted: “The Republic is under attack.”

MPs and teachers’ unions greeted the murdered teacher’s courage to face the tough taboos in French society. They said that freedom of expression is one of the basic principles of democracy.

Jean-Remi Girard, head of the National School Teachers Association, told BFM TV that children should understand that swearing can shock, but it is legal.

“He was killed for doing his job, that is, teaching critical thinking,” said Sophie Vénétitay, vice president of the SNES-FSU teachers’ union. He said that Mr. Paty was a history and geography teacher responsible for ‘moral and civic education’.

“In this capacity, Muhammad taught a lesson in freedom of expression with his cartoons,” he said.

Thibault Humbert, mayor of the nearby suburb of Éragny-sur-Oise, said: ‘It was an extremely violent and terrifying attack. He should be appreciated for his rapid response to the police. ‘

Xavier Bertrand, center-right head of the Hauts-de-France region, other politicians lined up to express their horror at the murder: ‘Islamist barbarism targeted one of the symbols of the Republic: the school. Terrorists want to silence us, put us on our knees. They should know that we will not bend, they will never prohibit us from reading, writing, drawing, thinking, teaching. ”

Marine Le Pen of the National Rally said: ‘A teacher was beheaded for showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. We are in France with this unbearable brutality. Islamism is fighting us: we have to force them out of our country. ‘

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, head of the far left party Unbowed France, said, ‘Terrible crime in Conflans! In fact, the assassin picks himself up for the god he claims to follow. He despises religion. And it causes us to live with killers like him. ”

Local deputy Antoine Savignat said, “If we cannot talk about Charlie Hebdo cartoons at school, we will be in denial at the end … This cannot be allowed in France, the country of freedom of expression.”

Students’ parents put flowers on the school door. Some said their children were going crazy. How will I explain the unthinkable to him? ‘said a father.

Muslim leaders condemned the murder, which many well-known people perceived as an attack on the very essence of the French state and its values ​​of secularism, worship and freedom of expression.

Tareq Oubrou, the imam of the Bordeaux mosque, said about the murder “It is not a civilization that kills innocent people, it is barbarism.

The attack came after a terrorist investigation launched in Paris last month after two news agency employees were stabbed in front of Charlie Hebdo’s former offices in 2015, where staff members were killed after publishing cartoons mocking the Prophet.

Those on trial range from 29 to 68 years old and are charged with providing logistics, including cash, weapons and vehicles, to terrorists.