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Sandra Lee Harmona
Sandra Lee Harmona

Sandra Lee Harmon Wiki – Sandra Lee Harmon Bio

Sandra Lee Harmon, 56, died on May 5 after an agreement with two members of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. At that time, the police received a call from the witness saying that he saw Harmon carrying a long rifle while walking down the suburban street of Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco.

Sandra Lee Harmon Age

She was 56 years old.

Sandra Lee Harmon Shot by Police

Police bodycam footage shows the shocking moment a white woman was shot dead by officers after she fired a rifle at them during a stand-off in California.

According to the voice of the 911 call, the witness said, ‘There is a woman walking on the street with a gun and a bottle of wine, she warned me that a racing war would take place.’

Harmon was also caught in a job surveillance camera that cruelly glorified the gun as he went down the street. David Dominguez, an officer from the Sheriff’s Department, couldn’t find Harmon and then knocked on the door of a nearby motor home to meet more witnesses. There he met Harmon. According to the 12-minute ‘critical event’ video posted on the sheriff department’s website, Dominguez had a ‘short interview with Harmon’ at the trailer door.

Then he left the motor home and leveled his shotgun to the Dominguez Assistant. He retreated to the cover of the patrol vehicle, but Harmon fired the shotgun in the direction while he took the cover. Additional texts in the video include: ‘In fast-moving with incoming fire, Dominguez has not activated his body-worn camera. After unloading the service gun, Harmon dropped the shotgun. ‘

A second officer, John Baba’s assistant, was complaining and his body camera was opened. Images show him race on motor home and Harmon place order. While trying to get the shotgun, Babe shoots at the woman and falls back.

‘Don’t move! Don’t move!’ he orders.

Harmon was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries.