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Sarah Marie Lore
Sarah Marie Lore

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Sarah Marie Lore suspects, ages 22 to 41, were charged according to Monday’s press release on various charges including identity theft, kidnapping, criminal extortion, theft, theft, heavy motor vehicle theft, threats and assault. From the office of Denver District Attorney Beth McCann.

The Denver grand jury accused a dozen members of the organized crime group “The Family,” who allegedly stole over 240 IDs and took over half a million dollars’ worth of vehicles to feed their drug addiction. local officials recently announced.

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The group was allegedly working together to steal mail, cars, bicycles, money, electronics, jewelry, ID documents and “financial transaction devices”, sometimes at gunpoint or otherwise violently. In the indictment, they broke into residential garages and workplaces and, after committing identity theft, sold them to pawn shops or through social media and face-to-face meetings.

The “family” allegedly stole more than $ 550,000 on motor vehicles and an additional $ 140,000 on other stolen property in order to pay for their drug abuse.

The 38-year-old Sarah Marie Lore, allegedly the ringleader of the group, was known as the “Street Mom” ​​and traded and sold illegal items on Facebook or in person. Authorities said she and she and the “rest of the family” “shared money, property, food, clothing, and living quarters.”

Some of the others in the group were identified as Lore’s “Street Sons” according to court documents, while others were identified as “brothers” and “sisters.”

“They allegedly kept a rental locker in which they kept things, including a notebook containing instructions on how to implement fraudulent schemes,” the authorities said. “Lore has also been accused of taking control of” Family “operations through violent attacks on” Family “members.”

The group was tried for alleged crimes between April 2019 and October 2020.

Lore’s lawyer did not comment when contacting Associated Press