Sean Fredrickson Head of The Pacific Northwest Division PGA Was killed in an Airplane Crash

Sean Fredrickson
Sean Fredrickson

Sean Fredrickson Killed in an Airplane Crash

Sean Fredrickson, golf expert at Oswego Lake Country Club and head of the Pacific Northwest Division PGA, was killed in an airplane crash on Sunday at Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho on Sunday. The loss of Fisher, Sean Fredrickson, and their children Hayden, Sofie, and Quinn are devastating. “Sean was an outstanding golf professional awarded to the PGA Professional of the Year by the Pacific Northwest Division PGA in 2019. Oswego Lake Country Club was honored to see this as a member of our family. The positive spirit and joy in the golf game were contagious. But more importantly, Sean was a tremendous husband, father, and friend. In this period of loss, our love and sincere sympathy go to his wife Nisan, his family and friends. The Associated Press reported that the crash occurred when two planes crashed into the lake. Eight people, including 48-year-old Fredrickson and son Hayden, died in an accident with stepchildren Sofie and Quinn.

Fisher said that Fredrickson knew that he had met at different golf tournaments over the years, and two people were approaching. Fredrickson spent 14 years at Tualatin Country Club as a golf expert before being hired by Lake Oswego in 2019. Fredrickson was a golf professional on Lake Oswego a year before his death.
Fredrickson’s wife April Upchurch told KREM in Spokane, many of you know yesterday that I lost my husband and beautiful children in an airplane crash on Coeur d ‘Alene Lake. “I had a loss, but I was relieved that they went on an adventure and were very excited about the first seaplane ride.
“Thank you for all the love and support. It really helps. I know that each of them touched many lives and that our entire LO and Tualatin community will be grievous. Please note that we had a great family weekend and we had the opportunity to spend time together. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. ”
Fisher heard about Fredrickson’s death from another Lake Oswego employee and took him from Camp 18 Restaurant to Campard on the Oregon coast on Sunday.
“He was totally shocked,” Fisher said. “I just got back home and took an hour. Pretty hard. It is very, very difficult. ”
In the coming months and years, Fisher plans to work with the country club to honor Fredrickson. He said he would also name a golf tournament called himself or recently built facilities.

“Sean’s subject was largely a guide,” Fisher said. “It was really great trying to build it.”
Pacific Northwest Division PGA said, “We are sorry to share our friend and President Sean Fredrickson’s pass in an airplane crash in Coeur d‘ Alene. Sean was an incredible father, husband, PGA Professional, mentor and leader. There are never words to convey the pain of such a loss. Whether praying or quiet, please keep Sean and his family in your heart. “