Sean Monterrosa Body Cam Footage of Shooting Release By Police

Sean Monterrosa Body Cam Footage
Sean Monterrosa Body Cam Footage

Body Cam Footage of Sean Monterrosa Shooting

Police released video footage of Sean Monterrosa’s deadly police officers.

Vallejo Police shared footage of Monterrosa, who died at the age of 22 next to a Walgreens Pharmacy in Vallejo, California. The deadly fire took place on 2 June.

Police posted footage of the shooting on their official Twitter and Facebook pages on July 8.


The 13-minute video released by the police shows moments of shooting and shooting. Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams said at the beginning of the video that the incident took place in early June 2 and said, “After a day of largely peaceful protests in the Gulf Region. However, at night, many cities, including Vallejo, had a significant number of loot, vehicle pursuit and fire.

“At around 10:50 on the night of June 1, our officers responded to the call to plunder at Walgreens in Redwood and Broadway. The window to the car was shattered, we made multiple arrests and passed on to other calls.

“Just after midnight, an officer observed another group of looters in the same Walgreens. A police captain… and three detectives… answered. ”

As he entered the parking lot, he said one of the captains was probably armed and broadcast it on the radio. The looters were in the process of running away when the shot about the officer took place.

Explaining who one of the detectives believed, Sean Monterrosa was returning to the officers in a half-kneeling position as if he was preparing for the shoot. The detectives later found Monterrosa moving his hands to the waist and what looked like a butt of a gun, but actually a hammer.

An officer identified as a detective at 3:21 can be heard saying “we were shot” in the video. “The fire was opened to the suspect Walgreens Vallejo,” says the captain.

“My car was hit by another vehicle, it must have serious damage,” says the captain.

The video says that the name of the man who dropped his gun could not be released for legal reasons. However, Heavy reported in June that the man was identified as Officer Jarrett Tonn.

Body-worn camera images defined as “Body Worn Camera: Detective # 1” in subtitles can be seen at 4:50. At 5.20, a detective pointed at us a gun and others say, “don’t move.” At 5.48, a trunk appears on the ground.

The body camera footage of the second detective also shows a clear view of a man around 6.48 on the ground. The second detective said, “We had more than one vehicle at a time. This man had a gun. ”

Subtitles also say that none of the cameras showed Monterrosa before the gun was unloaded and “detective # 3 unloaded the service gun from the back seat of the truck”.

At 8.03, the detectives approach the ground by holding “arms up … raise your hands” while holding the gun, saying “roll over the handcuffs”.

One can be heard saying “f ** grudge stupid… get a health kit from behind your car”.

One of the detectives (identified by body camera footage / captions as detective # 3) then says, “I’m lowering my gun, live,” as it sounds crazy for a medical kit. Then he swears again. He goes to his car before returning to other detectives and the man on the ground. The ongoing angry groan can be heard at 9.10.

“The king came, he came directly to us,” he says at 9.10. The police then started cardiac massage to the man.

“Detective # 3,” says, “We’re good for healthcare workers, aren’t we?” He asks where the man was shot.

“It’s bleeding from behind your head,” he says. “That’s what’s happening now.”

At 11.20, the detective said, “This was not what the king needed tonight … I thought the king’s ax was a weapon.”

At 11.30, another officer says, “I thought you were armed too, buddy,” before saying to the other officer, “Calm down, take deep breaths.”

“You’ll be fine, man. You’ve had this before. Just take deep breaths, calm down. ”

The titles were later announced that Monterrosa died in the hospital.

Criminal History

Vallejo Police shared footage of Monterrosa, who died at the age of 22 next to a Walgreens Pharmacy in Vallejo, California

Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams at a press conference on June 4 that Monterrosa’s crime history included theft, petty theft, illegal weapon violations, assault with a deadly weapon, firing in a resident residence, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, possessing drugs. told. Attempt to sell and murder.

Williams described Monterrosa’s death night as “a terrible night, something we haven’t seen in 27 years.” This is a regular, organized attack on our city. ”

Reporters at the scene stated that he did not believe Monterrosa was shot by an officer while on his knees.

A protest took place after the conference. Megan Cassidy of San Francisco Chronicle said on Twitter: “The peaceful protest that started outside #Vallejo town hall, two hours after police chief Williams talked about Sean Monterrosa’s fatal police hit, the 22nd officer, windshield on Tuesday morning early. “