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Sean Purdy And Jerry Cox II
Sean Purdy And Jerry Cox II

Sean Purdy And Jerry Cox II Wiki And Biography

Monroe County prosecutors charged Sean Purdy with criminal imprisonment, resulting in moderate bodily injury and intimidation. Jerry Cox II was charged with moderate bodily injury and two misdemeanors with severe prison arrest and battery.

The two men were charged Friday after a threat of “taking a bowknot” after a black man claimed that a group of white men attacked him and raped his friends when they gathered in southern Indiana lake for four July. weekend.

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Investigators reviewed video of the incident, which showed Booker being held against the tree, but not struck, according to court records. Police observed a small scratch on Booker’s left cheek, but no other visible injuries. Booker was later diagnosed with a mild concussion at the hospital and patches of hair were found to have been ripped out.

Purdy’s crime defense lawyer David Hennessy did not have an immediate comment on the charges. Hennessy had previously said that Booker “made a false statement” about what happened. Hennessy claimed that Booker was “provocative and agitator”.
Booker said a group of five accused him of entering private property without permission. After trying to apologize, the situation became physical. Booker said that he threatened men to break their arms and told their friends to leave the area, “get a knot”. Booker also said that one of the men had a hat with the Confederate flag on it and the men made a statement about the “white power”.

Who is Vauhxx Booker?

Vauhxx Booker, a local civil rights activist and member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission. Booker said he called 911 after the men assaulted him and pinned him to a tree at the lake just south of Booker’s hometown of Bloomington.