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According to the police, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot while driving with her mother and an adult friend at Ave and I-75/85 University on Saturday. The driver was trying to enter a car park on a 1238 Pryor Road, where a group of people illegally placed barricades. According to the police, someone in the group that came to Turner fired on the vehicle.

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She was 8 years old.

Secoriea Turner Shot Dead

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is calling for change to fight “the enemy inside”, saying that an 8-year-old girl was enough after a deadly hit next to Wendy, where Rayshard Brooks was killed.

Later Sunday night, the Atlanta Police Department said that another man died and two other victims were injured during the armed clash just two doors from Brooks’ death.

The Associated Press said in a statement to the police that Turner was trying to enter the car park when he met a group of people armed with weapons that prevented his mother from entering. Suspects were reported to have shot dead in a car, killing Turner, who is said to have died in a nearby hospital.

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Altana Police Response

“I am asking you to please honor this baby’s life. Please, if you know who did this, please turn them in,” Bottoms said at a press conference Sunday.

“Enough is enough. We have talked about this movement that is happening across America at this moment in time when we have the ears and the interest of people across this country and across this globe who are saying they want to see change.”
But Bottoms said while the civil rights movement had a “defined common enemy” the current situation was different.
“We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up in our streets,” the mayor said. “You shot and killed a baby. And it wasn’t one shooter, there were at least two shooters,” she said.
Bottoms said that he wants people to have a passion for ending the social violence they have for police reform.
“We have shot more than 75 shots in the city in the past few weeks,” Bottoms said. Said. “You can’t blame it at the [Atlanta Police Department] at the APD.”
At the press conference, Bottoms said there were a series of protests in the area where Brooks was killed, and the demonstrators struggled by blocking the roads. He said it was said that the obstacles were removed on Saturday night.
“Last night, an 8-year-old girl was killed because her mother went down the street,” Bottoms said. Said. “You don’t want someone to hit the car randomly on the street. If you know them, you have to hand them over.”