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Shannon Badgett
Shannon Badgett

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Shannon Badgett, 53, was accused on Wednesday of reporting a written threat of a mass shooting or terrorist act. Haines City Police said he was arrested in Florida two days ago after one of his social media contacts reported his messages.

According to the police, the Aformer Ohio police officer threatened to use violence in the US Capitol before the pro-Trump rally that turned into a riot and wrote “too much blood was shed” on Facebook, according to police.

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He is 53 years old.

Shannon Badgett Arrest & Charge

In his Facebook posts, Badgett wrote that he would go to D.C. “unless President Trump calls for martial law”, according to the Associated Press.

He allegedly wrote “The target will be a rich environment,” before adding the phrase “Pew. Pew. Pew”, which the police say was an imitation of gunfire.
Badgett also claimed to produce machine guns and anti-tank rifles, rhetorically asked: “If I live in a country where I am supposed to be allowed to do as I choose, why do I need permission?”

He wrote in support of the unfounded vote fraud claims made repeatedly by President Trump and his allies.

“Our courts are unable to announce their elections by refusing to listen to any evidence of voter fraud.”

Another post explicitly referring to Chief Justice John Roberts urged “Roberts” to resign, threatening “Bad things happen to good people.”

The police said that Badgett acknowledged that he wrote the articles, but he never wanted to hurt people and just wanted to express their disappointment.

“Because of too much blood spilled – he said he would take care of business there,” said Jim Elensky, head of the Haines City Police Department.

“These threats cannot be ignored, given the recent high political tensions.”

Family members reportedly told detectives that Badgett was diagnosed with a mental health disorder, according to local television channel Mr. News 9. The police will undergo a mental health assessment in a press release Wednesday and was put in jail.

Five people, including a police officer, died in the storm that hit the US capital on January 6. On Wednesday, Trump was accused of “inciting the uprising” and became the first president to be sacked twice in US history.