Sharon Horgan separates from husband Jeremy Rainbird : Wiki, Age, Bio, Devorce, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Sharon Horgan Wiki

Sharon Horgan, 49, is known for writing television dramas based on her life, now her husband Jeremy Rainbird, 45, has confirmed to the Sunday Times  that the couple is ending their divorce, echoing the story of his HBO drama.

Sharon Horgan Age

She is 49 years old.

Sharon Horgan Work & Early Life

The TV show, Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, debuted in 2016 and follows character Frances Dufresne, a married woman who has an affair and starts divorce proceedings with her husband.

In 2016 her HBO series Divorced, which stars Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured) as the main character, debuted to mixed reviews.

Since she wrote Pulling, which started in 2006, Sharon has gone on to write and star in Hollywood movies and British dramas including Game on and also Motherland

Sharon Horgan Husband Jeremy Rainbird

Sharon met Jeremy 14 years ago, with Sharon, now 49, who became pregnant only six months later, basing his Channel 4 Catastrophe drama, starring Rob Delaney, on his experiences. Her husband praised her soon ex-wife for “getting away from life” and insists that, despite their next divorce, they are still “true partners.”

Jeremy, who is a managing partner in his wife’s production company, said: ‘She is a great mother and a great business partner. And I love her very much, but at some point in the next three or four months, the divorce will end. In 2016, her HBO Divorced series, starring Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City as the main character, debuted in 2016.

When the show initially came out she said to the New Yorker: ‘If it wasn’t so hard to get a divorce, I would get a divorce.’

While in the past, the actress talked about the history of Catastrophe: “That’s what happened to me,” he said, “so it made sense to write about it.” Jeremy said the couple will still be co-father of their two children, Sadhbh, 15, and Amer, 11, claiming they all spent time together recently and “We are so lucky to be real partners.” Since writing Pulling, which began in 2006, Sharon has continued writing and starring in Hollywood movies and British dramas, including Game on and Motherland. The Irish star also bought a Hollywood house earlier this year. The 1953-floor house, just below the Hollywood sign, belonged to Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, and in the late 1990s.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • The couple met 14 years ago, with Sharon, 49, falling pregnant six months later
  • Based Channel 4 drama Catastrophe, starring Rob Delaney, on their experiences
  • The news comes as the third series of her HBO drama, Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, is due to hit the screens