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Shay Belhassen
Shay Belhassen

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Jewelery dealer Shay Belhassen said she was sitting with a customer at celebrity favorite Il Pastaio on Thursday afternoon, followed by three armed thieves and moved to swipe the $ 500,000 Richard Mille watch.

The target of an arrogant daylight heist that took a $ 500,000 watch outside the Beverly Hills restaurant and left an innocent spectator hit told The Post on Friday about the terrible ambush.

Shay Belhassen Robbed of $500K

“One of them was choking me from the back with a gun to my head, while the other one was grabbing my arm, and the third one was yanking the watch off my hand,” Belhassen told The Post in a phone interview — referring to his RM 11-03 rose gold Flyback Chronograph, a favorite of celebs such as Kanye West and Kevin Hart and tennis ace Rafael Nadal.

“I took a chance and grabbed the gun and wrestled them to the ground. They were trying to pull the trigger,” Belhassen said.

The jeweler said four shots were fired during the fight, and one of the slugs hit a woman in the leg, who was sitting in the restaurant with her boyfriend.

“I believe one of [the robbers] got shot while they were struggling with me on the ground,” he said. “The eyewitnesses were saying he ran while holding his stomach. I know while we were fighting on the ground, a couple of bullets shot. I believe one of them hit him.”

He added that he was happy to escape the robbery with his life.

“They were coming to shoot. They didn’t come to play around. There was zero fear in their eyes,” he said.