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Sheila Buck
Sheila Buck

Sheila Buck Wiki – Sheila Buck Biography

Sheila Buck is a woman living in Tulsa, who was handcuffed and physically lifted from the rally of President Donald Trump in Tulsa on Saturday, at the request of campaigners. Sheila, dressed in black and wearing an “I can’t breathe” t-shirt, said she bought tickets for the rally.

Sheila Buck Age

She is 62 years old.

Sheila Buck Video

MSNBC was broadcasting live outside the BOK Center and shooting the video. The video begins with Buck sitting and praying, while two Tulsa Police Department officers stand with a Trump campaign official. Buck told them, “This is my country. This is my country. This is my city. I have tickets for this event. I have clothes. I’m protected. What’s wrong? “There was a black scarf wrapping around his head and covering his mouth and nose. Tulsa police officers approached Buck sitting on the ground. An officer bent down and told him to leave voluntarily and said that if he did not, they would remove him. After a while, the officer lifted her in arms with someone else, took it a short distance away, and put handcuffs on it.

“They’re arresting me! They’re arresting me!” she could be heard shouting to the media following the officers as they handcuffed her. “I’ve done nothing, I have tickets to this thing.”

Sheila Buck Arrested

According to the MSNBC reporter, the woman was not blocking access to the rally. The police removed the media by watching the cameras from the scene. He told MSNBC that officers violated the law and the law. He also said that he was not with an organized group and that he came to the rally because of “what happened” and described himself as Sheila Buck living in Tulsa. In an article on Facebook, Tulsa Police Department said they were arrested at the request of Trump campaign staff.

Tulsa Police tried to persuade her for a few minutes after meeting with the arrested Ms. Buck. After his request to leave, he continued to refuse to cooperate a few minutes later, and accompanied and moved away.

Tulsa Police Statement

The police department later wrote on Twitter that Buck is in a private area.
“The person who was arrested for clarification had passed from the metal detector area to the safest area that the event was only accessible to ticket holders. Whether or not the ticket was bought for the event was not a contributing factor to the Tulsa Police arrSheila Buck is a woman living in Tulsa, who was handcuffed and physically lifted from the rally of President Donald Trump in Tulsa on Saturday, at the request of campaigners.est, Tweet, he will lift it. ”

Criticism on Social Media

Many people went to social media to protest Buck’s arrest and said he was legally active since he bought a ticket and violated his first right to Change. Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, wrote: “Sheila Buck should never be arrested by the [Tulsa Police] and should be released immediately. Raise your hand if you agree. cc: Mayor of Tulsa. ” Another Twitter user wrote: “Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt talked about how YESTERDAY believes in wearing what Germans want in FREEDOM (only when it comes to public safety issues). Doesn’t that ‘freedom’ cover Sheila Buck’s shirt? Stitt]? One person said, “Sheila Buck was arrested while sitting for wearing a ‘I can’t breathe’ shirt. WTF? Authoritarian madness. 1. [Tulsa Police] is sorry to arrest someone who uses his right to change. ” One person shared: “I can’t believe I just watched on MSNBC. You can come armed with Nazi and Confederation equipment in America, but you do not dare to peacefully pray and support the Black Lives Theme. I got sick. What happened to Sheila Buck was fascism. ” Others spoke on Twitter to support the Tulsa Police Department’s decision to arrest Buck. One person said: “Tulsa PD did the right thing by arresting Sheila Buck. It’s a nuisance. At least there is a police officer in Tulsa and they put the dirt on the ground. Another added: “There was SPECIAL PROPERTY and refused to leave when requested. “Having a ticket” does not matter. PRIVATE PROPRIETY. ”