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Sienna Mae Gomez

Sienna Mae Gomez Wiki – Sienna Mae Gomez Bio

Sienna Mae is a relatively popular content creator on TikTok, which has over 15 million followers on the viral video app for her posts about body positivity and her criticism of the platform’s brutal comment culture.

However, it seems like Mae is no longer in the internet’s goodwill after her ex-boyfriend’s friend, TikToker Jack Wright, accused her of both sexually assaulting Jack and allegedly telling him to “kill himself”.

Posts about the situation were soon liked by Jack’s brother. After initially choosing to treat the situation as “offline”, Mae posted a response denying the allegations and claiming that she wasn’t the one who attacked her at a party.

Sienna Mae Gomez seen ‘groping’ Jack Wright in a leaked video

A video released Thursday, June 3, showed Sienna Mae Gomez groping Jack Wright, who appeared to have lost consciousness in the video. The video was released two days after he posted an update on YouTube claiming that all allegations made against him were false. The video posted on TikTok has now been deleted.

The 17-year-old girl has come under fire since Mason Rizzo, Jack and James Wright’s best friend, posted allegations against her on Twitter. After the video was released, Sienna Mae uploaded another video description via her YouTube channel.

This video is 13 minutes long and the title of the video is ‘dealing false claims 2’. In this video, he tries to refute the claims made in the TikTok video. “Before we begin, I stand by what I said in the previous video, I did not sexually assault Jack Wright. Jack was a victim of sexual assault but not by me. I am the victim of repeated attempts to cancel me, and,” he said. Slander my name with baseless claims.

She also went on to explain that it was wrong for Jack’s friends to save him and Jack in the first place, claiming that these were just a “normal” part of their lives. “Jack and I were very sensitive about our friendship, that’s how we interacted with each other. Any video you watch of us. You’ll see that this behavior is normal. We touched each other, kissed, and were playful. Within the confines of our relationship, that was normal.”

She also claimed that Jack was not sleeping and that the video was edited. “You claim to have heard kissing sounds in your video. We were kissing. He claims my hand was on his groin. It’s not. My hand is very obviously on Jack’s thigh, on the upper thigh. This video was told very strategically and the clip of Jack sleeping we just It was after they made love. They were arranged together.”

She also said that he was surprised that the same group started hanging out with him the day after this incident, which happened on November 30, 2020. He also said, “This video is proof of nothing and instead raises questions. Questions about Jack’s problems and his friend’s behavior. Your friends are trying to make it sensational when it was common to us.”

She also revealed towards the end of the video that Jack’s friends had been given cease and desist notices by his lawyers. He claimed that this was due to libel allegations. However, this statement from him did not prevent people from saying that he ‘blamed the victim’ and used gas. One user commented, “Sienna mae… are we to blame now… It’s not her fault if Jack doesn’t want to say anything until 7 months later.” Wrote.


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