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Sierra Nicole McClinton
Sierra Nicole McClinton

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Sierra Nicole McClinton is a 25-year-old Universal City, Texas woman who caused her direction to change after she took off the pants of her United Airlines plane and got into an argument with flight attendants, according to officials. According to The New York Post, the flight was a CommutAir flight from Jacksonville, Florida operating as United Express on Thursday and was heading for Houston, Texas.

A passenger on the plane posted on Instagram about the event, “The most interesting flight of my life. The handcuffed woman vomited mid-flight, took off her pants, tried to fight another passenger, then swayed at the flight attendant. That’s why we had to make an emergency landing. ”

The plane headed for Houston had to go to Mobile, Alabama, where it had an emergency landing, and law enforcement greeted the plane and the rebel passenger at the door.

McClinton Was Intoxicated & Became Belligerent During the Flight

According to an Instagram post by a witness, the incident started when McClinton vomited on him and started taking off his pants. At this point, he came into conflict with another passenger and came into conflict with flight attendants.

The Mobile Airport Authority Police Department greeted the plane at the door and arrested McClinton, WALA reported. Police said at the exit that the passenger had “got into an argument” with another person on the plane, and the flight attendants came in to help. According to the exit, McClinton was detained by a passenger and a flight attendant while the plane landed on Mobile.

McClinton was wearing only underwear and a T-shirt when he got off the plane, and the police told WALA he “looked drunk”. The outlet wrote that McClinton swore and did not cooperate with law enforcement. He was publicly accused of drunkenness and erratic behavior.

A CommutAir spokesperson told Fox News, “CommutAir flight 4332, operating as United Express from Jacksonville to Houston, was diverted to Mobile when a passenger was disturbed. The plane landed safely on Mobile, where the security guards met at the door of the plane. The flight continued to Houston shortly after. ”



Recently, officials in Dallas County announced that a woman in her 30s died of COVID-19 on a flight from Las Vegas to Texas. In this situation, a woman became unresponsive mid-flight and the pilot directed the plane to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Emergency services responded to the passenger, but was declared dead at the scene.

Dallas County officials announced that the woman had basic health problems and had difficulty breathing during the flight, but did not know if the woman had COVID-19. Although a woman died on a plane from Las Vegas in Garland, Texas, New Mexico, her death has been added to Texas’ list of COVID-19 cases.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins told WFAA that the incident itself occurred in July, but the information was only shared with authorities in October.