Former soldier Alex Zwiefelhofer And Craig Lang Bio, Wiki Shooting & More Facts

Alex Zwiefelhofer

Alex Zwiefelhofer Bio

Alex Zwiefelhofer, 22, and Craig Lang, 29, have now been accused of robbing and murdering the couple in order to get money to travel to Venezuela.  Two former soldiers have been arrested for the double murder of a husband and wife who were killed and robbed in Florida during a gun sale.

Alex Zwiefelhofer Age

Alex Zwiefelhofer is 22 Years Old

Craig Lang Age

Craig Lang is 29 Years old

Alex Zwiefelhofer And Craig Land Shooting

Serafin ‘Danny’ Lorenzo and Deana Lorenzo were found dead in a parking lot near the Galleria plaza in Estero, Florida in April last year, NBC2 reported. Danny, 53, had been shot seven times and his wife Deana, 51, had eleven bullet wounds, court documents revealed at the time.

Alex Zwiefelhofer To Buy Guns worth of $3000

Danny and Deana had traveled to Lee County in order to buy guns from the soldiers after responding to an online advertisement from a man ‘named Jeremy’, a federal indictment said. The couple had withdrawn $3,000 in cash for the purchase of four Glocks, two 9mm pistols and nine high-powered rifles, the Washington Post reported.

federal criminal complaint revealed

It is believed the soldiers then lured Danny and Deana to the Galleria parking lot, where they were robbed and killed.  The pair, who had both been discharged from the military, hoped to ‘participate in an armed conflict against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’, a federal criminal complaint revealed.

Alex Zwiefelhofer And Craig Lang Arrested

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors identified the ex-soldiers as Alex Zwiefelhofer, 22, and Craig Lang, 29, in an indictment charging them with a host of federal crimes tied to the double homicide in Estero. The 33-page complaint traces the soldiers’ zigzagging paramilitary campaigns across the world, starting in Ukraine and, in Lang’s case, finally to Venezuela, revealing how some military veterans have been drawn to extremist causes overseas.