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Stephan B.

The highest Jewish festival is a Day of Atonement. Ironically, there are shots near a synagogue in Halle / Saale. Two passers-by die. The gunman transmitted his act on the Internet – and reveals inhumane thought.

  • At a shootout in Halle near a synagogue and a doner kebab, two people were killed
  • From security circles, it says that now everything points to a single perpetrator
  • The gunman Stephan B. (27) broadcast the crime live on the Internet
  • Seehofer speaks of “possible right-wing extremist background”
  • FOCUS online reporter Ulf Lüdecke and Melchior Poppe are on site

Stephan B. Bio

The most important thing in brief: In Halle, there was an attack on a synagogue on Wednesday afternoon. A heavily armed man tried to invade the church. When he did not succeed, he shot at a passerby and killed him. He then attacked a kebab shop nearby, where one person was also killed. The perpetrator is according to media reports, a 27-year-old German named Stephan B. He transmitted the action live on the Internet. He is in police custody.

After shots on synagogue apartment search at Eisleben

8.35 clock: After the attack on a synagogue in Halle (Saale) an apartment has been searched according to an MDR report. The mission is said to have been in Benndorf at Eisleben, reported MDR Saxony-Anhalt on Thursday. The police in Saxony-Anhalt did not confirm the search in the morning. In Benndorf, according to a neighbor of the father of the alleged perpetrator, who lives in nearby Helbra, the mother of Stephan B. live.

06:41: Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wants to visit the Jewish church in Halle on Thursday afternoon. Also planned is a meeting with Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff ( CDU ), as the Federal President announced in the morning.

06.40 clock: The evidence of the police in about 15 kilometers from Halle distant Landsberg (Saalekreis) continues on Thursday morning on. For a blackout zone remain near the town entrance in the district Wiedersdorf continues, said a policeman on Thursday morning on site. Against expected 7.00 clock should be lifted the block. The previously extended exclusion zone has been reduced. Again and again, police cars drove off the highway around the town. Strip patrolled in the restricted area. A bus was allowed to continue its journey through the small town only after a few minutes.

A week before the hall terror Stephan B. wrote a manifesto of the horror

October 10, 6:10: A possible “manifesto” of the attacker of Halle has surfaced on the Internet, according to the US analyst SITE Intelligence Group. In the PDF document photos of weapons used in the attack and ammunition were shown, SITE chief Rita Katz wrote on Wednesday in the short message service Twitter. It also referred to the Livestream of the act. The target of the attack is called in the document to kill as many “anti-whites” as possible, preferably Jews.

The document was made on October 1, Katz wrote. SITE specializes in monitoring extremist websites. The “mirror” reports, according to initial assessments of the investigators is the document “authentic”.

The “world” also reported that a “ten-page plan” had surfaced on the Internet, pointing to the perpetrator. In it, weapons would first be shown and described. Later, the author worries about a possible attack on the synagogue in Halle and the holiday Yom Kippur as a possible day for an attack.

Mourning for shots in Halle

DPA mourners stand in the marketplace behind burning candles. In shots in Halle, two people have been killed.

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Most police officers leave Landsberg

03:50: A large number of police officers has left the site in about 15 kilometers from Halle distant Landsberg (Saalekreis). The previously closed country road, which leads past the small district of Wiedersdorf, was open again on early Thursday morning. Whether the use in the consisting of only a few houses village is completed with it, wanted to tell policemen on site not.

Dead after shots in Halle


Twitch Internet platform confirms Livestream by Stephan B.

23:41: The gaming platform has now confirmed that terrorist Stephan B. has transmitted his act live on their website. “The account owner streamed this awful act on Twitch for 35 minutes,” reads a statement from the site late Wednesday night German time. The Livestream had tracked five people. An automatically generated recording of the stream was seen by 2200 people in 35 minutes before Twitch took the video and the account of Stephan B. offline.

The video did not appear on the home page or one of the subpages, the gaming service asserted. “Instead, our investigation suggests that some people worked together and distributed the video through other online news services.” Now Twitch is working to stop the video from being distributed.

Twitch is the world’s most popular live-streaming video game platform. Users film themselves playing video games and other users can watch. In August 2014, Amazon had taken over the company for $ 970 million.

A resident discovered the car of Stephan B. in his garden – Police find explosives

22.50 clock: In Wiedersdorf east of Halle, where also had fallen shots, the police have discovered in a car explosive. According to FOCUS-Online information is this the car of Stephan B., which can also be seen in the video.


A resident told FOCUS Online that the assassin had hidden his car in his garden. He had gone to his house in the direction of the police and closed all the doors from the inside. When he stood in the bathroom, he suddenly saw and recognized the car.

“I jumped out of the window into the yard,” the resident continued. Then he ran away to save himself and finally informed the police.

In the video, the resident reports how he discovered the car of the assassin:

VIP News “I jumped out the window”: Witness tells how he met Stephan B.

Stephan B. had previously tried to take away a couple’s car, the resident continues. As the two seniors defended themselves, B. opened fire and severely injured her. In a neighboring workshop, the assassin finally stole a taxi by threatening the workshop master with the weapon.

Now the area around his house remains locked until at least Thursday morning, the man continues: “They have taken the whole place apart, completely.” Nevertheless, he still could not go back to his farm, because the officials are busy there with the forensics.

Besides, there is probably still acute danger from the vehicle. “There are explosives in the car,” said the resident. In the video of Stephan B. is a sports bag with suspicious content in the car to see. Maybe B. left this bag in the getaway car.

In the late evening, the police again enlarged the barrier around Wiedersdorf: Outsiders can now approach the village only up to 300 meters. Previously, according to information from FOCUS Online, a team of explosives experts arrived, which should probably defuse the dangerous contents of the bag.

Shots in Landsberg

Jan Woitas / DPA central image / DPA police officers are at a roadblock near Wiedersdorf / Landsberg

Stephan B. wanted to commit suicide

22:16: Before his arrest wanted assassin Stephan B. may commit suicide. This reports the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, citing security circles. However, the perpetrator can speak and should have already committed to the investigators to the facts.

Arrested von Halle is suspect Stephan B.

21:40: The police confirmed the arrest of the alleged shooter. “The arrested person is the suspect,” said a police spokesman on Wednesday evening on AFP request. According to information from FOCUS Online, Stephan B. is considered suspect.

Map of Terror: Where Stephan B. struck

VIP News / Wochit Map of Terror: Where Stephan B. struck

Community chairman in Halle: Police was too late at synagogue

21:17: The chairman of the Jewish community in Halle, Max Privorozki, has accused the police too slow response to the attempted attack on the synagogue. “They were too late on the ground,” said Privorozki in a video released Wednesday by the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Anti-Semitism on Twitter. It would have taken them at least 10 minutes to call and say “an armed attack on the synagogue”.

Max Privorozki

DPA / Peter Ending Chairman of the National Association of Jewish communities, Max Privorozki.

Privorozki made it clear that several times in Saxony-Anhalt the desire for police protection for synagogues had been expressed – “just like in big cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt”.

Privorozki reported that there were 51 people in the community – police told them about the later evacuation. In addition to parishioners according to his presentation, a group of young Americans in the celebration of the highest Jewish holiday Yom Kippur was there. The US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, spoke of ten US citizens in the synagogue.

The ward chairman said, “We heard shots first.” A security guard and he would then have seen over the monitor of a camera how someone who was dressed as a special forces soldier shot someone. After that, he shut the door.

The people barricaded themselves in the synagogue. Both front doors had been barricaded, with furniture, with all possible – in case the offender had broken the outer door. Thank God he did not succeed, said Privorozki.

Merkel  at solidarity event at Berlin Synagogue

8:43 pm: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) took part in a solidarity event at the synagogue on Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin on Wednesday evening. Also, Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel ( SPD ) attended the event. “We must be closed against any form of anti-Semitism,” said Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert on Twitter.

Representatives of the Jewish community, Angela Merkel, Volker Beck

DPA / Christoph Soeder / DPA Ederberg (l. R), Rabbi of the New Synagogue Berlin, Merkel (CDU), Gerstetter, Jewish cantor, and Beck (Green).

20:13: The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, has raised heavy charges against the police after the attack. “The fact that the synagogue in Halle was not protected by the police on a holiday like Yom Kippur is scandalous,” said Schuster on Wednesday evening. “This negligence has now avenged itself bitterly.”

Schuster went on to explain: “The brutality of the attack exceeds anything that has happened in recent years and is a great shock to all Jews in Germany.”

20:02: In the 35-minute video, the FOCUS Online is revealed, the right-wing outlook of Stephan B. In an prepared statement at the beginning, he speaks of the fact that he believed that the Holocaust had never happened and feminism was the cause for the downfall of Western civilization. Judaism is to blame for everything. He introduces himself to the viewer as “Anon” – a short form for “Anonymous”, a pseudonym popular in right-wing extremist circles.


19.49 clock: In Wiedersdorf east of Halle, the police have just searched all the houses of the place, reports FOCUS Online reporter Melchior Poppe. According to residents, a person drove a car into town and held a pistol to a workshop master’s head to hand him another car. Subsequently, he shot a couple who wanted to see what was wrong because of the shouting. He then disappeared again with a stolen car.

The mayor of the community confirmed that there are two injured. Whether it is the attacker to shooter Stephan B., is still unclear. The left car is being investigated by the police.

19:41: For the two injured, who were operated after the shots in Halle in the University Hospital, there is currently no acute mortal danger. This was announced by spokesman Jens Müller on Wednesday evening. The woman and the man were reportedly the most serious gunshot wounds. The operations were successful. Further details on the identity and nationality of the patients did not make the university hospital.

19:33: Even the official warning and information system Katwarn has given the all-clear for Halle.

19.30 clock: The use of the main train station in Halle is still running, reports FOCUS online reporter Ulf Lüdecke on site. There are several personnel carriers and masked forces on site. The traffic closures have meanwhile been reversed for the most part.

VIP News

19:18: Seehofer also speaks of a right-wing extremist motive. “According to estimates of the Federal Prosecutor General, there is sufficient evidence for a possible right-wing extremist background,” said the CSU politician on Wednesday evening in Berlin.

19:06: “According to the current state of knowledge, we must assume that it is at least an anti-Semitic attack,” said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on Wednesday evening. The news agency DPA reported, citing security circles, the act was right-wing extremist motivated.

18:51: In the meantime, a video circulating, which shows almost certainly the shooter of Halle. The video shows how the shooter drives downtown Halle, tries to enter the synagogue and then shoots people on the street. Then he drives to the doner shop and shoots around. After 35 minutes the recording ends. The video should have been streamed live on the gaming platform Twitch.

The news agency DPA and the “mirror” According to the culprit is a 27-year-old German named Stephan B. from Saxony-Anhalt. The investigators know the video.

Eyewitness video shows Sagittarius from Halle

FOCUS Online / Wochit eyewitness video shows shooters of Halle

Safety Circles: Everything points to a single perpetrator

18:39: Now also reports the news agency DPA that, according to security circles, everything points to a single perpetrator.

18:35: The Federal Prosecutor’s Office sees in the attack of Halle a state endangering the state. It is formally determined for murder. However, the highest prosecution has taken over the preliminary investigation because of the “specific state of the act endangering the crime and the special significance of the case,” said a spokesman on Wednesday evening in Karlsruhe. The facts are still unclear. It is determined in all directions.

18:32: For the individual perpetrator theory speaks that so far in the social networks only photos and videos of a single person circulating. In a hitherto unconfirmed video that comes from a Livestream, a man with a strong accent in English speaks of the Holocaust never existed and the Jews are blamed for everything. The origin of the video is not yet confirmed.

18:23: The “Bild” newspaper now reports, citing safety circles, that there was no second or third offender. Rather, it was a single offender acted.

18:19: The police Hall no longer classifies the threat situation for the population as acute. That announced the authority on Twitter. The population may leave the houses again but should be careful.

18:05: The small town of Wiedersdorf is still sealed off by police, as FOCUS Online reporter Melchior Poppe reported on the spot.

The small town Wiedersdorf is still sealed off by the police.

VIP News The small town Wiedersdorf is still sealed off by the police.

Offenders streamed Tat apparently on the Internet

17:53: Has the perpetrator of Halle live broadcast his act? In videos from the crime scene, a mounted camera can be seen on the helmet of one of the shooters. Also at the attack on a mosque in New Zealand Christchurch the shooter transmitted his act live on Facebook. In the social media circulate links to an account of the popular streaming site Twitch, which is now deleted, however.

17:44: In the attack on the synagogue put an offender and homemade craft explosives in front of the door. The perpetrators tried to invade the synagogue, the German press agency learned on Wednesday from security circles.

17:20: According to concurring media reports, police operation is currently taking place in the small town Wiedersdorf east of Halle. Forces with machine guns have sealed off the village, reports the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” and the “Bild”.

17:18: UN Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned the incident in Halle. Guterres rated the incident as “another tragic demonstration of anti-Semitism,” a UN spokesman said Wednesday in  New York. Guterres expressed his “deepest condolences” to the families of the victims, the German government and the people of Germany. He wished the injured a speedy recovery.

17:12: As reported by the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” on Twitter, one of the two perpetrators was seriously injured and is currently undergoing surgery.

16:34:  The police in Bavaria is preparing for armed violent perpetrators of Halle on his flight could also come to the Free State. “We are preparing for an armed offender,” said a spokesman for the police headquarters Upper Franconia on DPA on Wednesday. Regarding the nature and extent of the preparations, he wanted to give any information.

Previously, there had been reports that an armed perpetrator from Halle in Saxony-Anhalt was traveling by car on the run to the south.

Shots in Landsberg


Jewish community saw an attacker over the camera

16:31: The attack in Halle was directed, according to the chairman of the local Jewish community, Max Privorozki, directly against the synagogue. “We have seen through the camera of our synagogue that a heavily armed offender with a steel helmet and rifle has tried to open our doors,” said Privorozki on Wednesday the ” Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the ” Stuttgarter Nachrichten “. It would have been because of the highest Jewish holiday Yom Kippur 70 to 80 people in the synagogue.

The doors would have stood up. The perpetrators also tried to shoot open the gate of the adjoining Jewish cemetery, said Privorozki. In front of the door was a casualty of the attacker.

The people in the synagogue were very shocked. “We barricaded the doors from the inside and waited for the police,” he said. The service was then celebrated further.

16:06: As reported by the ” Bild ” newspaper, one of the perpetrators is said to have had a frontal accident on the B91 between Deuben and Werschen. The SEK was on the ground, it is believed that the suspect has a weapon in the trunk.

4:05 pm: The “Bild” reports that one of the perpetrators is supposed to be a German. Whether it means the arrested or one of the fugitives is unclear.

16:01: The police have set up a citizen phone: 0341 2553400.

15:37: The European Parliament has thought on Wednesday afternoon with a minute’s silence of the victims. In mind one is with Germany, the German police and with the Jewish community in Germany, said parliament president David Sassoli.

Investigations into the murder of special importance

15:28: Two injured have been taken to the University Hospital Halle-Kröllwitz. “A patient has gunshot wounds and is currently undergoing surgery,” said press spokesman Jens Müller DPA in Halle. Both were seriously injured and had to undergo surgery – there was no danger of mortal danger.

Meanwhile, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office stated that it was investigating a murder for particular importance. Whether it is an anti-Semitic act is still unclear, said a spokesman on Wednesday.

Dead after shots in Halle / Saale


15:27: People in the entire city of Halle / Saale should remain in buildings for security. That said a city spokesman of the German Press Agency on Wednesday.

15:12: As VIP News learned from circles of the Federal Police, a KLE situation was proclaimed for all police officers of the state of Berlin and all riot police in Berlin. This means a “complex life-threatening operational situation (KLE)”. All available officials must be in their offices or barracks.

15:01: According to ” Bild ” police forces are currently being concentrated in Wiedersdorf east of Halle. However, there is no confirmation.

14:59: The attack on the doner shop took place after the perpetrators could not penetrate the synagogue. This reports the “world”.

Attorney General has taken over the investigation

14:53: As ” Spiegel Online ” tells, the Attorney General has taken over the investigation. This reports the portal, citing a spokesman for the legal profession in Karlsruhe. Explanation: The Attorney General takes over in criminal offenses, which are “in a serious way against the internal security of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

14:45: After the fatal shots in Halle, the Leipzig police have tightened their forces in front of the synagogue of the neighboring city. According to a DPA reporter, about five policemen are standing in front of the building in the city center. Further measures have not yet been taken, said a spokesman. They want to wait for the next event and then decide. The festival of lights scheduled for Wednesday evening on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the peaceful revolution in Leipzig is taking place as planned.

Police guard after gunfire in Halle Synagogue in Dresden


Also in front of the synagogue in Dresden police protection was increased according to the police.

14:44: The “MZ” reported that in these moments, a special police unit arrived.

Federal Ministry: Background of Halle still unclear

14:39: The backgrounds of the fatal shots from Halle are still unclear, according to the Federal Interior Ministry. That said a spokesman for the House of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on Wednesday. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said in Berlin, the federal government hopes that the perpetrator or perpetrators would be caught quickly. The thoughts went “to the friends and families of the dead,” he said.


Offenders tried to invade synagogue

14:32: Opposite the “mirror” said Max Privorotzki, chairman of the Jewish community in Halle, two perpetrators had tried to penetrate the synagogue. There are currently 70-80 people. As the magazine further reports, the arrested suspect had fled a taxi and later arrested on the highway.

The attack took place on the highest Jewish holiday

14:31: The attack took place on the highest Jewish holiday, the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur instead.

14.30 clock: The Green politician Cem Özdemir has expressed dismayed at the fatal shots from Halle / Saale. “Terrible news from Halle, today on the Jewish reconciliation day Yom Kippur I’m shaken & sad,” tweeted the former Greens chief on Wednesday. He wished all the injured and loved ones a lot of strength and thanked the task forces.

14:29: The police reported on Twitter, currently more evidence from the population would be reviewed.

Shots in Halle: Twitter user posts picture of the culprit

14:24: A user posted on Twitter pictures of the alleged shooter. These show a man in military gear with a rifle in his hand.


14:22: Contrary to first reports, the perpetrators are on foot and not with a car on the run. This reports the “image”, citing security circles. Accordingly, two more perpetrators are on the run.

Shots in Halle: City speaks of “amoklage”

14:13: The city Halle / Saale speaks after the deadly shots of an amoklage. “Mayor Dr. Bernd Wiegand has called the staff for extraordinary events in connection with an amok situation,” the city announced on Wednesday. All rescue workers of the fire brigade were put on alert.

Screenshot MDR

14:05: A police spokesman told the TV channel “NTV”, there are two crime scenes: the doner shop and the synagogue. The detained man is male, more details about the arrested police will announce later. There are indications of three perpetrators, but so far this is speculative.

Dead after shots in Halle


13:58: The owner of the kebab restaurant, shot on the offender, was not at the time of the crime in his shop, as he reported FOCUS Online. He only knows so far that his employees have survived the attack unscathed. However, a customer had been killed. Why the man just shot at his shop, he can not explain. Threats did not exist. His coworkers had reported that the man had worn a helmet with a camera and had worn military clothes.

Dead after shots in Halle

Sebastian Willnow / DPA Zentralbil dead after shots in Halle

13:54: In addition to the shots in Halle, there were also shots in about 15 kilometers away Landsberg (Saalekreis). This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the DPA police hall. At first, she did not want to comment on the circumstances of the incident in the village east of Halle.

Dead after shots in Halle


Shots in Halle: Police arrest suspects

13:46: As the police announced on Twitter, a suspect was arrested. Citizens should remain vigilant.

Halle: Eyewitness reports attack doner shop

13:33: An eyewitness tells the TV station “ntv” that a man attacked a kebab shop. “I saw immediately that something is not normal there.” The man was “militantly” dressed, had an assault rifle and a mask attached.

He had thrown a “grenade-like” object on the shop, this bounced off the door frame and then went up. Then he shot three times in the shop and shot a man. The witness believes that he has recognized a fair complexion but is not sure. He had hidden in the toilet of the doner shop and written to his family.

13:29: The “MZ” reported that police are currently all police units to Halle. Let’s start with a “special situation”.

13:28: According to ” MDR “, the perpetrators in combat suits are on the way.

13:26: Also for the district Landsberg, the authorities have now issued a warning for firearms use.

13:24: The main station Halle is currently closed because of a police operation.

13.10 Clock: To the ” Central German newspaper ” eyewitnesses are reported to have reported that a man at the door of the synagogue had trouble. After that, he should have shot at a passionate.

13.00 clock: According to the first police two people were killed according to police. The perpetrators are on the run, so it seems to be several shooters.

12:57: As the ” Bild ” reports, shots were dropped from a submachine gun. Besides, a hand grenade was thrown into the cemetery.

Halle: Two dead after shots – perpetrators on the run

Wednesday, October 9, 12:55 pm: In Halle shots were fired at noon – at least two people were killed. The culprit is on the run. The police Halle writes on Twitter, according to initial findings, several people have been killed. Residents should stay in their apartment and avoid windows and doors.

This reports, inter alia, the ” Central German newspaper “. The area was sealed off over a wide area. The crime scene is near a Jewish cemetery and a synagogue on Humboldtstraße.