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Stephanie Denaro

Stephanie Denaro Wiki – Stephanie Denaro Bio

Stephanie Denaro has been described as a woman who used racial slurs against one of her bakers in New York. An anti-masker who fiercely opposes coronavirus restrictions backs Donald Trump, claims to be of African descent, and sued Mayor Bill de Blasio over school closures.

Stephanie Denaro  Age

She is 38 years old.

Stephanie Denaro Education and Work

Denaro went to New York University and is the author of two poetry books according to an Amazon profile.

Stephanie Denaro (‘Bagel Karen’) Racial Slur

Since then, Denaro, who has been nicknamed “Bagel Karen” or “Bakery Karen” for a viral tantrum at Essex Market on Sunday, has been denied his service for not wearing a mask.

A New Yorker was caught on video calling a bagel shop worker in N-word. Denero is an anti-mask that strongly opposes coronavirus restrictions.

The video went viral and sparked outrage on social media that online users asked them to lose their jobs as well as their four children.

In an Instagram post, she is seen holding one of her kids. The headline reads: “If I have black kids, it can’t be racist.”

The bakery employee, named 30-year-old Victor, said he was “disappointed” by Denaro’s behavior and “all the lies”. He said he was “sorry” that his children should witness the encounter.

denies calling NYC worker the N-word

Speaking to The Post from the Lower East Side Denaro, oddly enough, he insisted that Davidovich Bakery employee never call “b-h-ass n-r” despite being filmed.

He defended himself for calling a black bakery employee “b **** a ** n **** r” after he was denied service for not wearing a mask at Davidovich Bakery in Essex Market on the Lower East Side on Sunday. He added a graph showing an “estimate of ethnicity” claiming to be 39 percent Nigerian.

‘You all hate me for no reason! Breaking news !!!! I AM BLACK !!!!! ‘Denaro posted on Instagram on Tuesday hours after the video of the incident went viral.

“My skin color doesn’t look dark, but my lineage results came back because I’m black! So don’t be mad at me anymore.

‘Leave me alone!!! As a young black woman, I love you all !! ‘

The post included a statement stating that “the black and African American race is the only race allowed to use the n-word”.

Denaro claims that 12 percent of the inheritance is from the African country of Mali; 8 percent are from the Southeast Bantu region of Africa; 4 percent are from Ivory Coast and Ghana; 4 percent are from Senegal and 2 percent are from Cameroon and Congo.

But graphs and statistics about DNA destruction were stolen by him, removed from an October 2017 article by Tech Crunch writer Megan Rose Dickey.

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