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Steve Branch
Steve Branch

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Steve Branch is an Arkansas resident who died of suicide last week after investigators determined that Jessica Baggen was a suspect in the cold case murder. According to NBC News, the 66-year-old died of suicide on August 3 after an Alaskan state police visited his home in Austin, Arkansas. Investigators tried to interrogate Branch about Baggen’s murder in Sitka, Alaska. After celebrating her 17th birthday in 1996, she was raped and killed.

Steve Branch Work

The branch worked as an operator at Jeff Smith Farms in LinkedIn state.
According to the company’s website, “family businesses in the excavation industry” are working for “big developments” and “smaller residential excavation services.”

“Every project is carried out with professionalism and dedication,” writes on the website. “We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, equipment and employees while making sure we deliver the highest quality for your project.”

Branch Was Identified as a Suspect

Prior to Baggen’s trial, Alaska authorities reported that “by sending historical forensic DNA encoding to Parabon NanoLabs, they had recently solved two other murders through genetic genealogy and then searched online ancestry databases.”

Researchers sent a suspicious DNA sample from Baggen’s body to labs in 2018 and then uploaded it to their databases. The research found a match between Branch’s DNA and the samples found on Baggen’s body, NBC said.

Branch Lived in Sitka at the Time of Baggen’s Murder

“Sitka is an island community that courageously lives between the mountains and the sea, where art flourishes and an ancient indigenous culture still thrives,” says the city and county website.
“Surrounded by the rainforest, we share our home with brown bears, bald eagles and five species of Pacific salmon. At Sitka, we are deeply connected to the natural world around us. It informs our culture and inspires our art. ”

The branch then moved to Arkansas in 2010, CBS News was added.

Branch Had Been Investigated for Sexual Assault

Researchers discovered that, after learning that Branch was a Sitka resident at the time of Baggen’s murder, he was poorly investigated for sexually assaulting another female teenager a few weeks ago, the Daily Beast reports.

“Investigators determined that Branch lived in Sitka at the time Jessica was killed,” Major Dave Hanson of Alaska State Troops said to the exit.

“The Cold Case Unit also learned that in March 1996, just weeks before Jessica’s murder, the Sitka Police Department investigated the Branch for sexually harassing another young woman.” “He was charged and arrested in June 1996 in connection with the incident, but was later acquitted after a trial in 1997.”

Steve Branch Family

According to the obituary in the Tribute Archive, Branch “enjoyed the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing.”

The page says that he was survived by his wife Barbara and their two children Justin Branch and Brittany Gibson. It also talks about his father, grandchildren, and other family members.