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Steven Pankey
Steven Pankey

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A former governor candidate needs the fortune to get out of jail. According to CBS4, the bond made for Steven Pankey, the murderer of the 69-year-old Jonelle Matthews murder, was set at $ 5 million in a courtroom in Weld County, Colorado.

Steven Pankey Arrest & Charge

The defendant intervened in the case for years, even tried to blame it on someone else and, according to the prosecutor’s office, learned about an important piece of evidence known only to the authorities. The defense suggested that Pankey was obsessed with the disappearance of Matthews, whose remains were discovered in 2019: “This is more than the Jonelle Matthews murder. They accused Mr. Pankey of this, but ultimately what they accused Mr. Pankey of was being an angry, prickly man. ”

In this case, a situation conference will be held on December 30th.

Pankey, who ran for the Constitution Party candidate in 2014 and as a Republican for governor of Idaho in 2018 (and never came close to winning), was charged in October for first-degree murder, grave murder, second-degree kidnapping, and two crimes. crime of violence. Authorities have allegedly engaged in strange and incriminating behavior over the years and even wrote court files claiming to have information about the case, such as the location of the child’s body. According to officials, the defendant’s ex-wife said that on December 26, 1984, during the disappearance of Matthews’ strange behavior. This included suddenly getting rid of their dogs and throwing a car at their property, which was in flames. In the allegations, his wife said he had made numerous references to the case over the years.

“I hope God didn’t allow this to happen because of Jonelle Matthews,” she said after the funeral of her son, who was killed in 2008.