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Steven Pankey
Steven Pankey

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Steven Pankey, 69, was arrested in Idaho on Monday and charged with kidnapping and murdering 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews, who disappeared in Greeley, Colorado in 1984. Police said Pankey had previously been nominated for governor twice in Idaho, but was a person involved in Matthew’s murder in 2018. According to documents found by CNN, he was last seen about two miles from Jonelle’s house and 10 miles from where his body was found in July 2019.

Jonelle Matthews Missing

Matthews was last seen at his home in Greeley on December 20, 1984. Oilfield workers found their remains at an oilfield in Weld County on 23 July 2019. In June, CBS4 and Greeley Tribune requested copies of the autopsy report sealed by the Weld County Coroner’s Office. The county opposed the request, saying it might jeopardize the investigation. District Court Judge Shannon Lyons approved a partial release and ruled that details that could potentially jeopardize the ongoing investigation will not be disclosed pending the investigation. The revised information includes the cause and form of death. However, the report notes that Matthews’ skeletal remains were mixed with “lots of dirt and debris” when handed over to inspectors. Skull and jaw were “largely intact”. Dental records helped researchers identify the remains as belonging to Matthews.


Investigators in the incident had previously identified Pankey, the former candidate for the governor of Idaho, as the person involved in the case.

Pankey is being held in Ada County prison in Idaho on a fugitive arrest warrant outside Colorado, and was taken to court Tuesday afternoon. Greeley Police Chief Mark Jones said Tuesday’s press conference was 36 years in construction.
“Over thirty years, Jonelle Matthews’ disappearance has left our community with many unanswered questions,” said Chief Jones. Some of these questions are beginning to be answered. I believe this new development has helped the Matthews family, friends and our community to receive some closure and recovery from this horrible crime. “We continue to deliver justice for Jonelle and her family. “We have never forgotten and will never forget Jonelle,” he said.

In an interview in December 2019, Pankey told CBS4 Reporter Kelly Wertmann that it had nothing to do with her death, but investigators said that over time Pankey made a series of testimony to courts and law enforcement and was involved in crime.

Investigators say Pankey “gave very candid information about the state of the crime, information that the general public and the media did not know”.

“Many statements were made in the 2000s and in the 2010 decade,” the officials said. “The main thing is that these detectives are getting all this information together and really doing the follow-up research that really needs to be done.”

Investigators said they had spoken to the Matthews family several times.