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Steven Skoda
Steven Skoda

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Steven Skoda was one of three National Guards who died in a helicopter crash in Mendon near Rochester on Wednesday. Authorities identified the three soldiers killed Wednesday night when their military helicopter crashed into the Mendon field.

According to New York National Guard’s public relations officer, Colonel Richard Goldenberg, the victims were National Guard soldiers Chief Executive Officer 5 Steven Skoda, Chief Executive Officer 4 Christian Koch, and Chief Executive Officer 2 Daniel Prial.

“These soldiers were part of our National Guard family and we mourn their disappearance with family members and loved ones,” he said in a press release Friday morning.

Steven Skoda Age

He was 54 years old.

Steven Skoda Career

The 54-year-old Skoda, from Rochester, was a 35-year veteran in the US Army and Army National Guard. He served in the army for two years between 1985-1987. He joined the National Guard in 1987 and became a pilot five years later.

Skoda was an experienced helicopter pilot with approximately 5,000 flight hours, serving as UH-60 senior instructor pilot, instrument flight instructor, and UH-60 maintenance test pilot.

Since 1999, he has worked as a full-time National Guard technician at the Army Aviation Support Facility at Greater Rochester International Airport and served as a Company C member of the 171st General Support Aviation Battalion.

The National Guard spokesperson is a federal employee who must also serve in the National Guard as a National Guard technician as a condition of employment. Skoda was also a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and was deployed there in 2013 and 2019.

“He was a friend and mentor to all the soldiers in his unit, and has supported the training and career development of hundreds of aircraft crews throughout his career,” Goldenberg said in a news release.

Steven Skoda Killed in Helicopter Crash

The New York Army National Guard UH-60 medical evacuation helicopter crashed just after 6:30 pm while on a routine training mission. Wednesday. It was not immediately known what caused the accident.

Also known as the Medical Black Hawk, the helicopter is located at the Army Aviation Support Facility at Greater Rochester International Airport. The unit was being trained to perform medical evacuations, and the team was providing night vision goggles qualification training at the local training site.

The New York State Department of Military and Naval Affairs confirmed that the aircraft was assigned to the 1st Battalion C Company and the 171st General Support Aviation Battalion.

The unit includes around 80 soldiers, most of whom reside in the Rochester area, and is a Rochester-based air ambulance company. Typically, the job of aviators is to rescue and evacuate wounded soldiers.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said, according to preliminary reports of the 911, “there were noises bouncing from an engine, and the plane was flying much lower than usual.”

Shortly after the talks, reports of a crash came.

The helicopter crashed into a field near West Bloomfield Road between Cheese Factory and Boughton Hill roads. While the houses were located nearby, no buildings were found to be damaged.

The helicopter’s flight path was not immediately available.

A National Guard spokesperson said that the crews are required to keep a certain number of flight hours each month, so soldiers organize both take-off and returning training flights from Rochester airport.