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Stewart Allen Clark
Stewart Allen Clark

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Stewart-Allen Clark at Malden First General Baptist Church is no longer temporarily preaching after a video of the sermon goes viral.

A Baptist preacher at the Missouri Bootheel went on leave this week after preaching that women who “could not be the all-time epic trophy wives like Melania Trump” should still try to compete in the heat of the snow. “Maybe you’re a participation reward.”

There was nothing particularly biblical about Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark’s many tips on how to avoid the “distraction” of their husbands to the women in his herd at the First General Baptist in Malden.

As Jesus never said, but Clark said: “You don’t have to look like a butcher.”

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Clark’s 22-minute sermon went viral on Facebook after the artist released a video of Reagan Williams’ sexist comments.

“Now look, I’m not saying that every woman like Melania Trump can be the epic trophy wife of all time,” she said. “All I can say is that not everyone looks like this? But you don’t have to look like a butch either!”

He also asked the congregation the question: “Why do women let themselves go after marriage so many times?”

Clark concluded the sermon with the following observation: “Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a food that reduces a woman’s sex drive. It is called the” wedding cake. ”


The day after the sermon, the Executive Board of the General Baptist Association of Associations convened and announced that Clark “contained comments in his sermon that were inconsistent with the positions and values ​​of General Baptists.”

“General Baptists believe that every woman is created in an image of God and therefore should be valued,” General Baptist Ministries said on Monday. Said. “We also believe that all individuals, regardless of other factors, are so loved by God and that Christ died for them.”

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Somehow missing from the Sermon on the Mount: Happily are those who don’t wear sweatpants or hang down next to Walmart in slippers, but wear make-up and perfume. You don’t want to be ugly and dirty, he said to the women in his church.

He said that Clark’s wife used to be “pretty solid”, but thank God he went to the Weight Watchers after the birth of each of their children.

Likewise, he did not encourage men in his congregation to stay in shape, because apparently only men were created “to look”.

That’s how God made us, ladies. We are like this. The men will look. It made us take care of it. We cannot help ourselves. We are like this. God made us like this. “How are you asking?

It’s pretty visual, of course. As the priest described it, it is synonymous with “you may not love you unless you are weak” outside the city.

“I don’t think women really understand how important it is for a man to have a beautiful woman on his arm,” he said. Amen, ladies? (A male voice shouts “Yes!”) “Why so many times women let themselves go after marriage? Here are so many women: “I got him now!” ”

The only Scripture he quotes is 1 Corinthians 7: 4, in which he says that husbands should write on their beds: “The woman no longer has all the rights of her body, woo woo, but she shares them with her husband, double woo. “(Woo woos was added by the priest, not by Paul.)

Anyone who is confused that so many white evangelicals have turned into Donald Trump worshipers can follow the entire sermon that clearly values ​​men more than women, and persecution more than kindness.

They laughed when he announced the difference between a wife and a girlfriend. (“About 60 pounds.”) And she looked happy when she mocked the photo of an old woman wearing a bandeau. (“Not a man under 99” finds him attractive in such a stingy outfit, he said.)

The story about that period when he mentored a skinny man “who looks like a sumo wrestler” and his wife was also a hit for his congregation.

“I’m trying to keep my face straight,” he said as he asked what the problem in his bedroom looked like. “Because he’s a fat beep,” he said, “he came to the table and started beating him.”

Still, the happy ending, after advising her to lose weight: “Ten months later, she had lost 100 pounds and was pregnant with her second child, so I guess it worked. “The preacher saved our marriage!” ”

“General Baptists believe that every woman is created in the image of God and therefore should be valued,” said the Executive Committee of the General Baptist Council of Associations. “I’ll give up an” amen “for this.

But this is not just a random illegal preacher. Clark was to be the moderator of the General Baptist Association meeting this summer. He’s been giving the same advice for years, he said in the sermon.

Christians and I am or trying to be one, we should challenge the culture rather than reflect it.

But Clark’s view of women reflects our culture. His message is not too different from the KU officials who expect us to believe that when they recruited Les Miles for football coaching, there was no history of sexual harassment complaints or that he was one-on-one banned. Communication with female students at Louisiana State University. An LSU official reported that Miles was trying to “sexualize the staff”, stating that he only wanted “pretty girls” and “big breasted blondes”.

In line with Clark’s view of our natural worth, his former friends at Patrick Henry College of his freshman Madison Cawthorn, a Republican from North Carolina, filed a petition accusing him of a petition. sexual predator. Three women told their stories on the recording, and she won anyway.

Then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, responded to many recent allegations of sexual harassment by apologizing “for the pain I caused” without really admitting that he was doing anything wrong.

Pastor Clark is wrong about “all men are like this”. They are not.

But as long as you can be recruited for the best coaching job despite such behavior, be elected to Congress, or defended by your party, Pastor Clark’s views on women will never go away.