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Susan Lucille Wright
Susan Lucille Wright

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As planned, 44-year-old Susan Lucille Wright was released from prison after her parole in the first-degree murder of her 34-year-old husband, Jeffrey Wright. She said she was on parole at about 9:30 on Wednesday morning CT. Texas Criminal Justice Department statement received by Law and Crime.

Susan Lucille Wright Arrest &  Stabbing Husband

This marks another development in favor of the ex-prisoner. First, his 25-year sentence was reduced to 20 years in 2010 because the trial defense sank the case and he was finally released on parole in July 2020 after it became available in 2014.

Defendant Wright was convicted in 2004 after alleging that her husband was a drug-abusing physical and sexual abuser. He insisted that this was self-defense. He called State B.S. and Harris County attorney Kelly Siegler said the murder would be charged in an insurance policy of $ 200,000.

According to Texas Monthly, Siegler told the judges, “This is exactly the whole bull who abused the wife.” “It was bull!”

State version of the events: The defendant tied her husband to bed and then stabbed her, claiming that they were going to have sexual intercourse. Prosecutors sought a minimum of 45 years in prison.

“Jeffrey Wright was a kind and thoughtful man who loved life,” said Ron Wright Jr., the victim’s brother, after outrage in 2010, according to the Houston Chronicle. The Wright family was given a life sentence, and I think you survived very easily.

Timothy McDonnell, head of staff on the Texas Aff and Probation Board, said that people who are normally released on parole must meet the general requirements, such as obeying the law or not leaving the state without permission. In Wright’s case, he faces a few special circumstances. He stated that he should wear a GPS monitor as part of the super intensive control program (SISP) and be under anger control counseling.

McDonnell said he would be on parole to balance his sentence. The deadline is February 28, 2024. In a statement obtained by Law & Crime, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice detailed conditions such as:

Anger control training / counseling

Lucrative employment

Not leaving the State of Texas

Special Needs Offender program


The Special Needs Offender Program (SNOP) is for individuals who have been “diagnosed with mental disorders (MI), mental development disorder (IDD), terminal illness (TI) [and (a physical disability (PH))”. The Criminal Justice Department said Wright would live with his family in Tomball, Texas.