Tacoma Police Car Hits, Runs Over Pedestrians During Street Race

Tacoma Police Car Hits, Runs Over Pedestrians During Street Race
Tacoma Police Car Hits, Runs Over Pedestrians During Street Race

The dramatic video shows a Tacoma police vehicle crashing into pedestrians and driving over during a Washington State street race. You can view the videos throughout this article, but be warned in advance that they are annoying and also contain profanity.

In this video, you hear the motors spinning and someone says “Oh my God.” Police lights whirl in the background. While it’s not exactly clear, it turns out that more than one person was probably shot with the crush of one. Nobody died in the incident.

Someone is swearing. Then a police vehicle speeds up and hits multiple people. Someone said, “He hit people.” As the team moves away, more than one person falls to the ground. One person says “holy fuck”.

The Tacoma News Tribune spoke to the man who shot the main video. The newspaper gave its name only as Mark. He told the newspaper that he had seen five to six cars spinning in circles between the intersections of Court A on South 9th Street and Pacific Street, before the incident.

People “turned” to try to “block” the police car, he told the newspaper. Tacoma police said in a press release that nearly 100 people had closed the streets because of street racers and started hitting people’s windows and cars, which made them feel insecure.

The spokesperson told the newspaper, “He was afraid that they would break his glass,” and said he had left, fearing for his safety; one person went to the hospital with laceration.

“I am concerned that our department is experiencing another use of lethal force,” said Temporary Police Chief Mike Ake in a statement. “I send my thoughts to all those injured in tonight’s incident and I am determined that our Department will fully cooperate in the independent investigation and consider the actions of the department’s response.
during the event. ”

But one man posted on Twitter, “My wife was there. There were apparently 10 men in the police car trying to break their windows during take-off. ”

David Begnaud, a CBS News journalist, wrote on Twitter: “Tacoma police now told CBS News that the crowd gathered at 9th & Pacific Avenue in Tacoma was more than 100 people. The crowd was closing intersections with vehicles. Police said a police officer was surrounded by crowds, with lights and sirens, some of which tried to smash into windows and break the windows of the patrol car. The officer involved drove the road to a safe point, and other officers responded to the scene to treat the injured civilian. ”