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Tamara Saukin
Tamara Saukin

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It was believed that the body of a Long Island doctor, who disappeared during his daily walk with his mother last month, was found in a large pool in Clove Lakes Park on Wednesday, December 2.

New York officials said they were “pretty sure” that the woman they found in the pool was a 44-year-old Emerson Hill resident, Tamara Saukin, who was last seen in the park at 6:35 am on November 18th. The fact that a white woman was last seen in the same area of ​​the park and the dress statement made the authorities a preliminary decision that the body belongs to the doctor. According to many sources with investigative information, there were no signs of an emergency foul on the body, but the exact cause of the death has not yet been determined by the city’s medical doctor.

The scent of the woman was caught by the NYPD K-9, who took the search and rescue team to the pond. The discovery was made by NYPD divers. The discovery was made after police crawled the park during the days following the woman’s disappearance, using drones, SCUBA units, and hunting for possible video evidence for any clue of her whereabouts.

Tamara Saukin Found

Investigators were informed that Saukin was walking in the park with his mother shortly before he disappeared. The source said that after Saukin returned to his mother’s car after the march, he decided to walk another round and disappeared at the time. “He disappeared without a trace,” said an anonymous NYPD source.

According to the police, walking in the park with family members was part of the therapy, as Saukin suffered from alcoholism and expressed suicidal thoughts in the past. Saukin held a family medicine practice in Grant City until October 9, when he temporarily withdrew from medical practice “due to unforeseen circumstances”. Saukin said on his Facebook page that he had to withdraw from his practice due to “family problems”.


He also changed his employment status on Facebook to “self-employed”. “What’s going on?” By a friend. When asked, Saukin said, “Family issues. Thanks so much for asking.” According to his website, he was a retired national competitor and a former college athletics.

His disappearance garnered a lot of support on the internet. “Tamara is an extremely kind woman and a respected doctor who seems to have a personal bond with everyone she meets / treats,” one person wrote on Facebook. Another wrote, “These are very difficult times for most of us. Sometimes it’s easier to get away and find yourself again. I hope you take this time to gather strength for the next journey in life,” wrote another. Reach whenever you want and pray you are safe. Third, “I pray you are safe and we will see your beautiful face again soon.”


So far, family members have refused to speak publicly about the incident as the police investigation is ongoing.