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Tammy Collins

Tammy Collins Wiki – Tammy Collins Bio

Tammy Collins married Kirk in 1996, and in the 25 years the couple spent together, there have been not a single episodes of infidelity or other differences reported in the media. Each of them had a child from their previous relationship at their wedding – Kirk’s son Kerrion and Tammy’s daughter Carrington. Tammy is a former makeup artist and best known as Kirk’s wife.

Gospel musician Kirk Franklin recently had a heated argument with his estranged son Kerrion, where he was exposed to the word N, among other threats, including “I’ll break his neck”. Kerrion added that the recording had been made recently and when Kirk began to react from the way he spoke, he apologized. The anger towards the musician continues to rage, but his wife, Tammy Collins, also suffers from a lot of hate online.

Most of those who listened to the voice pointed to the squeaking voice of a woman laughing in the background throughout the recording, and many believe it was Collins who was giggling. Collins is the stepmother of Kerrion, born in 1988; Details of her biological mother are unknown.

Tammy Collins Slammed For Laughing in Viral Audio

The couple has a daughter named Kennedy and two children named Caziah. A report states that Kirk made a promise to Tammy that she would never cheat on her during wedding ceremonies and would always support her. When Kirk once compared cheating Tammy to cheating God, she adds that she’s not perfect but loves his wife. “Men can be stupid sometimes and they want what they think is newer, fresher, or better than our other ‘heads.’ Cheating Tammy is to deceive the Kingdom, my children, and even you,” he said.

Going back to the dynamics of Kirk and Kerrion, the two have been out for a while. In 2018, the latter took to Instagram accusing his father of trying to kill him. Earlier this month, Kerrion also posted a coded message on Instagram: “I am not allowed to have childhood photos of myself or my family. Some of the scum I see is superficial. Through the fire.”

On March 13, he leaked a recording of the conversation in which Kirk swore at him, the reason for this is not yet known. Before shutting down, he used words like ‘b ** ch’ and threats like ‘my foot yo a **’, among other things. The video started to spread on social media and Kirk started to be trending heavily on Twitter. The post he shared his apology with a prayer petition for himself and his family.

But people are very angry with Tammy, who they believe should try to alleviate the situation instead of laughing in the background. “Kirk Franklin’s wife is laughing in the background trying to break up the situation. Bad… but not her son, so she probably isn’t pooping. Now I’m looking at them in a different light,” she tweeted. . “This Kirk Franklin video .. is a PROBLEM. And his wife is giggling in the background?! Wow,” wrote another user. “If it’s MYOB So why is Kirk Franklin’s wife laughing hysterically in the background, anything she says is so funny from afar. She laughs clearly because it’s not her child, which shows the dynamic they had in the first place.” another tweet was read. “Was Kirk Franklin’s wife laughing in the background while cursing her son? That’s a red flag. You are all talking about her age, as if bad parental behavior is being counteracted by a chronologically ordered number,” another user wrote.

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