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Tara Anne Szczepanski
Tara Anne Szczepanski

Tara Anne Szczepanski Wiki – Tara Anne Szczepanski Bio

Szczepanski is a 33-year-old social media journalist. The site added that she had previously participated in beauty contests and identified herself as an independent reporter on LinkedIn. On his Twitter profile it reads: “Tara Szczepanski. Political Program Host” The Capitol “http://LiveOne.tv. Indie Reporter Journalist. Subscribe.” She posted a video on Twitter that saw her being attacked by several men.

Tara Anne Szczepanski reporter’s face was allegedly rubbed

It was a violent day for conservative reporter Tara Anne Szczepanski. He was allegedly put on a dirty diaper on his face and attacked during the Black Lives Matter rally in Madison Park on January 10th. It all happened when he was shooting the rally at noon when he was pushed by a group and hit him. head with eggs. According to sources and police, the cell phone fell down with an umbrella, according to the New York Post newspaper. The contention was captured on video.

In connection with the incident, the police recently arrested two young men named Saqunn Jackson (23) and Juarde Benn (20). They come from University Heights and Flatbush respectively. Jackson was accused of severe harassment and harassment. The site added that he was released under surveillance. According to the police, Benn was charged with attempting to attack, threatening, criminal possession of weapons, and harassment.

“Attacked at a #BLM #Antifa #NyC rally, smashed egg in my head, hit with umbrella, spat on, knocked with a skateboard, as the crowd says, ‘Don’t protect [her], she’s for Trump,’” she tweeted, along with a video clip, the day of the incident. The clip sees her filming the rally when a bunch of guys around her up and start spraying her with silly string saying, “she’s a nazi, she’s a f*****g nazi” and shove her around even as she screams, “do not touch me, stay the f*** away from me!” A man was seen saying: “I’ll knock you out.”

The tweet sparked some anger among netizens. “If they learn that children and women are untouchable in every country under all circumstances !!!” read one of the tweets. “His face was in full view. Presumably, the police will act to arrest him immediately for assault and intimidation and possibly a political hate crime.” Tweets rained on January 11, shortly after the clip went viral. Another: “This is the attack of our first change! Who does he think he is !!” “Oh, it was so hard to watch, I watched it live and I was sorry for not being able to HELP !!” wrote one of the people in response to the tweet.