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Tavy Pustiu
Tavy Pustiu

Tavy Pustiu Wiki – Tavy Pustiu Biography

Tragedy on Saturday in Ploiești, after a driver was not insured at a railway crossing, and the car was hit hard. In the car, next to the young woman was her husband, the fiddler known as Tavy Puștiu. At the time of the impact, Tavy was listening to music and performing live. In fact, the images he transmitted captured the moment before the impact.

Tavy Pustiu was listening to loud music in his car when the locomotive entered the passenger side of the car – he killed him and left his wife to fight for his life.

Tavy Pustiu Age

He was 29 years old.

Tavy Puștiu was performing live

The images with Tavy Puștiu, the fiddler from Ploiești, who broadcast his last moments live before the car in which he and his wife were hit by the train, made the rounds of the internet and shocked everyone.

Tavy was in the car with Monica, his wife who was behind the wheel, when the woman was not insured when crossing the railway, and the car was hit by a train. Before the tragedy, Tavy Puștiu listened to music, smoked and did a live on his social networking page. In fact, the last moments before the tragedy were captured on this level. The video shows Tavy dancing in the car, draws his wife’s attention, who turns his head towards him for a moment, and then sees the desperate young man probably at the sight of the train shout twice “Hey, hey”, and the image interrupt abruptly!

Tavy Pustiu Killed By Train

Shocking video footage shows upcoming and upcoming musician listening to loud manel music, a popular pop-folk genre in Romania.
The clip hitting the music shows him looking deep into the camera lens while he was smoking.
Live broadcast shows his wife walking towards a level crossing in Ploiesti, Romania’s Prahova County.
As they both grinned at the camera, he turned the camera at his wife for a moment.
It can be seen looking to the right and left in the pass, but it is clearly seen that he did not notice the fast train.

Suddenly, Mr. Pustiu screamed when he saw the train running towards the car, but tragically it was too late.
The train hit the side of the white Ford Fiesta, closing both the airbags and completely crumpling the side of the car where Mr.Pustiu was located.

A local police spokesperson in Prahova said, “A 29-year-old man, who was a passenger in front of the car, was killed and a one-year-old woman, 24- driver, was injured when the train and a car collided while crossing the level.
“The accident occurred due to failure to comply with the rules at the level crossing.”
They said the train was traveling between Maneciu and Ploiesti Sud, and it was complicated for firefighters to pull the couple out of the wreckage.

Tavy Pustiu Wife

His unnamed wife is in critical condition and receives life support at Prahova District Hospital after the accident that caused hours of delay in both road and rail traffic. Tragically, just a month before his death, the singer sent a message to his followers on Facebook that said, “One day, the wrong train will get you to the right place.”

Tavy Pustiu With Wife
Tavy Pustiu With Wife