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Taylor Parker Morton
Taylor Parker Morton

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Taylor Parker Morton, a 27-year-old Texas woman accused of murdering her seven-month-pregnant Facebook friend Reagan Hancock at her home in New Boston and cutting her baby from her womb, according to KTAL TV. Morton of Simms, Texas, was arrested on October 9 in Oklahoma. Hancock was found dead the same day. The police said the baby did not survive.

Police said Morton had confessed to the crime, according to an account in the McCurtain County Gazette-News newspaper. According to the newspaper, the police said that she had committed the crime because she lied to her boyfriend that she was pregnant and wanted to have a baby.

Taylor Parker Morton Children

Morton Is the Mother of 2 Children

According to his Facebook page, Morton described himself by saying, “I am a wildflower, wild free and evil with a luster that was never intended to be tamed.” She also said on her Facebook page that her professional skills are a knowledge of “medical assistant”, “office management” and “(modern) phlebotomy”.

Morton seemed to have a job at RPM Staffing, according to several posts he shared on Facebook. On August 14, “Is any of my friends a Local Business owner? I would like to expand my Customer reach to a 50-mile radius from Titus County right now. In Hopkin, Camp, Morris, Bowie County areas that may need temporary workers, FT / PT or COVID- 19 Searching for businesses that can help to place employees who may have been laid off due to the Pandemic. We are open for Boutiques, Farmers / Farmers, Manufacturing, Industry, Catering, etc.! We offer a wide variety of candidates Please contact me from RPM Personnel Experts… or send me a Private message. ”

As reported in the McCurtain County Gazette-News newspaper, Morton is also a mother of two children.

In a post, he wrote to his son “My elder son ❤❤❤❤ is the first day of 1st grade”. In addition, one of his daughter posed in front of the fireplace on August 12, 2019 and on the photo “3. shared photos he wrote on the first day of class

Taylor Parker Morton BoyFriend

Morton’s boyfriend Wade Griffin worked at Circle G Farms & Wild Hog Purchasing Facility, as announced in this post on August 26: “‼ ️Attention‼ ️ There’s plenty of rain on the road, which means wild boars will move and take root. is coming. absolutely. On a positive note, that means WE BUY, let’s put some extra coins in your pocket! Contact Wade Griffin with Circle G Farms, your local Bowie County Hog purchasing facility… ”

Circle G Farms is listed on Facebook as an “agricultural cooperative” buying wild pigs for a meat processing plant. One of the most recent Facebook posts posted on September 20 featured several photos of two trucks pulling straw bales. In the post, Connie Griffin wrote, “Oh Wow! The story of two Griffins. Here you get them both. Good to see them working together. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the burden boys. ❤️” and Morton, “Connie Griffin haha ​​this is me and Wade is carrying lol. ”

Morton Was Accused of Faking Her Pregnancy

In one Facebook thread, Griffin, Morton and a third person were commenting on people not believing in Morton’s pregnancy. Here is the exchange:

(Griffin) I’m glad ur willing to make something for us Sierra(.) everyone else things we are faking a whole damn pregnancy! 😂😂 with the little one that’s not even here yet. Some people I once called friends are going to look soo stupid in the weeks to come 😊

(Morton:) Wade Griffin Sierra Blalock couldn’t have said it any better than that 👆

(Blalock:) Wade Griffin all you can do is pray for stupidity!! But you are so right.

Morton has often written about pregnancy, according to posts captured by the True Crime Society and open to “friends only.”

Morton posted an ultrasound photo and a close-up of a baby’s face from an ultrasound in one of his July 9 publications. Also, “Our sweet daughter measures 2 pounds 2 ounces today. She definitely handles everything like a champion. Measures well. They put a heart pill on mom, so her heart rate is slower than usual. CAN’T WAIT after seeing !!! heart face #ClancyGaile “He’s tiny but angry.”

In another post in the True Crime Society, Morton talked about a health scare he had. “Yes, ma’am gave me two IV doses of blood thinner,” he wrote, asking someone if doctors could “correct” what was wrong. “Come back for the second scan tomorrow to see if what’s left of the clot has crumbled. The (home) health nurse will watch me. I’m fine. Our Clancy Gale is strong too. She will be given birth with blood thinners every day for the next or two weeks. ”

Hancock was very public about her pregnancy by posting ultrasound photos on Facebook on March 31. On August 16, Hancock wrote a Facebook post announcing that a baby girl named Braxlynn Sage would be born around November 10.

According to the McCurtain County Gazette-News newspaper, Morton told law enforcement that he “recognized the deceased pregnant woman by name only and thought they were the same age.

“God please protect us from this pain,” Hancock’s parents, Marcus and Jess Brookes, posted on Facebook that they suffered the loss of their daughter and grandchild. In a different post, he reported to people that they were holding a ritual to celebrate his daughter, “Today we are hosting our friends and family at our home to celebrate the life of Reagan Hancocks, if you need the address we will be here all day please text us and I will send it to You.”

Discharged From the Hospital

KTAL reports that Morton has been discharged from Oklahoma hospital and registered at a local prison. According to the news station, he faces charges of kidnapping and murder in Oklahoma and could be taken to court on Tuesday, October 13.

A report in the McCurtain Gazette-News newspaper reported that a female suspect, now known to be Morton, killed Hancock by beating and stabbing him before cutting the baby from Hancock’s womb.

McCurtain Gazette-News reported that Morton later fled to Oklahoma, where the baby died. The newspaper reported that Hancock was stopped by Texas state police from speeding near DeKalb at 10pm on Friday. He told the soldier that “he just gave birth and the newborn baby in the car is not breathing.” The soldier tried to perform CPR but could not resuscitate the baby and called an ambulance. Morton was then taken to the McCurtain Memorial, where “a doctor… very quickly realized he was not giving birth.”

When reports arrive at 13:00. A woman was killed and her baby taken away, the police returned to the hospital, and Morton was arrested. The newspaper reported that Morton was detained, “confessing to the murder and kidnapping, telling officers that he was pregnant with his boyfriend in February and even organizing a gender disclosure party”.