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Terence Papworth
Terence Papworth

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Terence Papworth, 45, used a vodka bottle and ornamental sword in a “constant” attack on 26-year-old Amy-Leanne Stringfellow.

Mr. Papworth was released on bail a month ago for the attack on his partner.

Judge Louise Slater recorded the outcome of the illegal murder.

Doncaster Coroner’s Court heard at an autopsy examination that Ms. Stringfellow had 58 different wounds, including a stab wound in her neck and fractures in the cheek, jaw, and eye sockets.

Former Army Reservist

The court heard that the former reserve army stationed in Afghanistan met with Papworth in October 2019 and got engaged two months later on New Years Eve.

Ms. Stringfellow’s mother, Jacqueline Fareham, said in a statement that Mr. Papworth “looked perfect at first” and treated him “like a family member”.

However, when the investigation was heard, Mr. Papworth was charged with assault in May after allegedly threatening Miss Stringfellow with a gun.

He was sentenced on bail on the condition that he had no contact with Ms.Stringfellow, and was released to appear in court again in July.

But on June 5, Mrs. Stringfellow, who told her mother that she was staying with a friend in Bridlington, went to Mr. Papworth’s home in Dryden Road, Doncaster, Balby.

When the officers were called home just before midnight, they found him “motionless and covered in blood” in an upstairs bedroom. She was announced dead shortly after she.

Two small silver ornamental swords were found near the bed, and there were broken windows on the floor.

Pathologist Dr Charles Wilson, who conducted the autopsy review on Ms Stringfellow, said he died “from a sustained and powerful multimodal attack”.

The investigation heard that Mr. Papworth had left the house before the officers arrived and went to his mother’s house before handing him over to the police.

He also called several people to confess and said to a friend, “I killed him, I did, I did enough.”

“Amy-Leanne was clearly loved and valued by her family and friends and will not be clearly forgotten,” the forensic officer Ms. Slater noted.

Mr. Papworth died in Leeds Prison in November 2020. The Prison Service did not confirm how he died and said the investigation would be “the forensic officer’s job”.

Following Mr. Papworth’s death, the South Yorkshire Police said that they did not call anyone else in connection with Ms. Stringfellow’s death.

The investigation has been heard, an Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigation is underway, examining the involvement of police officers in the incident.