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Terron Jammal Boone
Terron Jammal Boone

Terron Jammal Boone Wiki – Terron Jammal Boone Biography

The man was identified as Terron Jammal Boone by a lawyer representing the family of 24-year-old Robert Fuller, hanging from a tree in Palmdale last week. Authorities say death looks like suicide, but family members object to it. Palmdale is about 32 kilometers from Rosamond.

The half-brother of Robert Fuller, suspended in a Southern California park, was killed Wednesday after saying he was fired by sheriff lawmakers in Los Angeles County.

Terron Jammal Boone Dead

According to the Los Angeles Times, Terron Boone, whose half-brother Robert Fuller was found dead in Palmdale on June 10, said that he was killed in a shooting Wednesday Wednesday when Los Angeles County lawmakers, officials, and a family lawyer participated.

Lieutenant Robert Westphal Times of the Los Angeles County sheriff said in a fake prison case that lawmakers and the suspect exchanged fire at 16:30. During a traffic stop in Rosamond on Wednesday. Westphal said the suspect who was a passenger in the car fired a semi-automatic pistol at lawmakers several times before retreating. Adam died of his wounds.

A woman who was driving the car should have a gunshot wound on her chest and be treated at a nearby hospital, Westphal told the Times. He said that a child was not injured in the back seat of the car.

Boone’s news of death came a few days after the Sheriff Department’s 24-year-old Fuller saw himself hanging. Family members and protesters questioned the claim and asked for more research on what they believe to be a lynching. According to the Times, the authorities promised to carry out a full investigation later.

“This afternoon, I had to notify the sisters of Robert Fuller that their half-brother Terron Jammal Boone was killed by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in Kern County,” the attorney, Jamon Hicks, said in a statement obtained by CNN late Wednesday.

“At this time, until we receive all of the information, the family and their legal team don’t have any further comment on this incident. The family respectfully asks that their privacy be respected.”

Suspect Arrest

Although Westphal did not reveal the name of the murdered suspect, officials accused Boone of false jail, assault and other crimes earlier this week.

Deputies shot and killed the man. Sheriff officials said a woman in the car was injured in her chest and a 7-year-old girl was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries because she did not harm the car.

Doorbell video posted to Twitter

Doorbell video posted to Twitter captured some of the audio of the encounter, including the sound of multiple shots being fired: