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Learn about Supernatural Day Wikipedia
Happy Supernatural Day!
I had some fun sketching this in the middle of a busy week!
I always wonder how those guys manage to have a 45 minutes / week in the middle of all this mess! 😄#SupernaturalDay #Supernatural #SPNFamily #SPN #fanart #FanArtFriday pic.twitter.com/c5JJs5MBpI

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TV network known as ‘The WB’ aired the first season of Supernatural, showing the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester as they began their journey to discover what killed their mother, and where their father disappeared to. For Supernatural fans, it also began an obsession that would know no end as they fell in love with the characters and suffered with them through the trials they’ve faced on the Road So Far. Supernatural Day is dedicated to bringing those fans together to celebrate the Winchesters and their love of the Supernatural Verse

History of Supernatural Day
Supernatural has a history that goes back much further than the show itself and was born Eric Kripke, its creator, and his obsession with urban legends. Initially, he had intended to present the idea of Supernatural as a movie, and the fans couldn’t be happier that that wasn’t the road he took. Instead, he presented it as a series for years before someone finally took an interest. This is probably for the best for fans, especially since the original concepts included both an anthology series of disconnected stories and a group of tabloid reporters fighting demons in search of the truth from the back of a van.

I think we all can agree that Sam and Dean and their incredible car is a far better version, and it was well worth waiting for. It fits his original idea perfectly, that of a ‘road trip story’, a uniquely American concept that involved crossing the country going from small town to small town. Amusingly it was the brother angle that ultimately sold the show, the idea of the reporters just left The WB executives unimpressed.
How to Celebrate Supernatural Day
The best way to celebrate Supernatural Day is to sit down with a group of your closest fans and start a marathon to see your way through the 12 seasons. We might suggest you give yourself a few days to get through it, it’s a heck of a ride and the road so far has been a long one. Remember to bring your container of salt!

On this day in 2005 a show about two monster-hunting brothers aired its pilot episode. Now going into its finale season, it is something I will always be grateful for because it helped mold me into who I am today. #SupernaturalDay @cw_spn pic.twitter.com/SWPBK9TyHA

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Supernatural It is called supernatural to everything that is above the natural and therefore cannot be explained by natural laws. The term has its origin in the Latin word supernaturālis, and with it is defined as an element or action that has characteristics that make it out of the ordinary.

What is Supernatural Day
The supernatural includes everything that science cannot explain since there is no procedure or theory that can justify said event or quality. It can be an action, an event, capacity or any other element that escapes the naturally explainable.

Supernatural Day Learn With Example
The entire supernatural fandom during #SupernaturalDay this series made us cry, laugh and learn that 14 years ago the first episode came out, it gives me such gloom because our adventure together this year will end, but in our hearts it will last foreverpic.twitter.com/dEEYebauhH

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For example a superhuman force, an animal that speaks, a plant that walks. Supernatural The phenomena that some people experience, such as viewing or experiencing abnormal and unexplained situations, are also considered supernatural. Seeing inert objects moving, experiencing visions with deceased people, being able to lift giant objects, are some of these phenomena. Certain actions that are currently carried out and some of them as remunerated work are considered supernatural. Examples of this are card readings, communication with deceased people, magic, among others.

Supernatural In Common
The supernatural is very common in both literature and cinema. In these cases the concept is used to generate an impression on the reader or viewer, to attract and arouse certain emotions in people. Some of the most common supernatural elements in this area are magical powers, talking animals and superhuman powers. The superhero figure is one of the most representative of the supernatural in the cinema. This is a person with abilities such as flying, breaking or lifting giant objects, running at extreme speeds, seeing through objects, among others.

The term supernatural is used not only in cases of fictional narratives or in the cinema but also in everyday life. Many times this word is used to express something exaggerated or highlight a quality. For example, when a person lifts something very heavy and another observes it, he can say: “He has a supernatural force.”

Supernatural And Religion
The supernatural in religion In the religious use of this term and it also makes many people believe in the existence of the supernatural as a way in which God manifests. In some cases, certain experiences are considered contrary to God, but those that represent a rapprochement with religion and a deepening of faith, stand out and recognize. Many of the supernatural events related to religion can be considered miracles. Some of them are narrated in the bible as being the multiplication of food, walking on water and resurrection, among others. Within religion, such issues that can be considered miraculous are usually seen as a good thing and a way of approaching God. It is even considered that people who have the possibility of living something similar have a kind of privilege or gift.

Everything that is beyond what is known as natural
Supernatural The term supernatural refers to everything that is beyond what is known as natural. The supernatural does not respect the laws of nature, because it is outside them. And it usually covers everything that is not considered observable or known. Everything that is considered or qualifies as supernatural has no scientific explanation. Since any supernatural fact or phenomenon cannot be analyzed empirically. Science is based on a naturalistic methodology that only considers the phenomena of reality. As the supernatural is ruled out at the scientific level, it is very common to be related to the occult and / or paranormal. In societies that are characterized by being secular, facts are taken as: sorcery, divination, miracles and similar to supernatural facts. The supernatural is a fact that has no scientific explanation In general, what makes the supernatural facts cannot be studied scientifically are their characteristics. The supernatural is characterized by being rare or peculiar, in addition to being unable to control itself and even because it is not repeated. Given these conditions, supernatural facts are impossible to reproduce for scientific analysis. The supernatural encompasses facts that are real but have no scientific explanation. When talking about something supernatural, the word is often used to mention phenomena of this type. Thus supernatural phenomena are those that are characterized by exceeding the scientifically known. There are people who confirm the existence of the supernatural, these believers believe that supernatural phenomena are as real as natural ones. Those who do not believe in them and strongly oppose their existence, are based on rational arguments. They think that supernatural facts always have a scientific explanation.

Characteristics of supernatural phenomena
can be classified in three ways: Subterfuge phenomena. These are characterized by their intentions to hide the truth. An example of this would be exhibitionist magic. Then there are the phenomena that once were considered supernatural and had a non-rational explanation. Today some have a scientific and natural explanation. As for example the northern lights. And finally, there are phenomena that have not been studied or explained by science. These can be both real and unreal. In the absence of scientific explanation, they generate various theories without reaching a definitive consensus on the subject. The best known supernatural phenomena are miracles and magic, in the first place. Topics such as reincarnation, demonic possessions, prophecies, fantastic beings such as vampires or ghosts are also considered supernatural.

Difference between supernatural and paranormal
These two words are usually taken as a kind of synonyms. Or that the paranormal is subordinate to the supernatural. But in general, those who believe in this kind of phenomena consider that both words do not mean the same. In this way, they expose that paranormal phenomena do not leave the natural. On the contrary, they cannot be separated from nature even though they possess strange features. And since they belong to the natural world, they can be studied and analyzed with existing scientific trends.