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Thomas Baranyi
Thomas Baranyi

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Thomas Baranyi, a Peacekeeper member who showed his bloody hand and appeared in a widely circulated clip, was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents on charges of erratic behavior and being in a restricted building, according to court documents.

A 28-year-old New Jersey man was arrested, who was next to Ashli Babbitt when he was shot by the police during the US Capitol siege.

Thomas Baranyi Age

Thomas Baranyi is 28 years old.

Thomas Baranyi Arrested

Authorities said Baranyi went to court that day and did not object to her appearance in the interview. He was released in $ 100,000 unsecured bonds and banned from entering any government buildings.

Referenced in an interview with WUSA 9 and court documents outside the Capitol building, Baranyi gave her name and situation when describing the shooting of Babbitt.

“[W] e had rushed into the rooms inside and there was a young lady running through the windows. According to sworn testimony, a number of policemen and Secret Services recalled saying ‘Get down, get out of the way. “He didn’t listen to the call, and while we were trying to grab people and pull them back, they shot him in the neck and fell back to me.”

“It couldn’t be me, but he came in first. He was one of us.”

Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force officer from California, was fatally shot during the riots while trying to climb through a shattered window in a panel next to a barricaded door in the Capitol building.

According to court documents, the FBI agent referred to most of the interview in the statement and confirmed his identity with a driver’s license photo.

Court documents continued to explain that the New Jersey man “entered the building next door with the scaffolding”.

They went through scaffolding, flash blasts, and tear gas, and we went through all the rooms just trying to get into Congress, or whoever we could get in, telling them we needed some kind of research on this issue. , ”He said in an interview.

“It was a joke for them until they came in and then the guns came out, but now we are at a point, it cannot be allowed to stand. We have to do something. Baranyi, according to the records, people have to do something.

Baranyi was arrested in Ewing, New Jersey, but his hometown was unclear.

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