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Tia McAlister
Tia McAlister

Tia McAlister Wiki – Tia McAlister Bio

Tia McAlister is an 18-year-old muse who reportedly dated British television personality Stephen Bear, best known for winning the eighteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2016. A source from MailOnline: “They see Bear and Tia, we’ve been turning each other on and off for over a year.”

Tia recently completed a hairdressing course at Langley College and has a sizable social media presence with over 12,000 Instagram followers. She started dating the 31-year-old Celebrity Big Brother winner last year, and her friends say she hopes it will help her start her career as an influencer.

A source from MailOnline said on January 18, “There are matching asterisk tattoos to express their love, Bear also points Tia’s face on his back. The couple had gone on vacation together in October but had been separated for a while after Bear left for Dubai in late 2020.

“Tia got her first opportunity after being released from custody on Saturday and she stands by her amid allegations.”

Concerned About The Relationship

An insider told The Sun that Tia’s friends were concerned about the relationship. They said: “Several friends tried to warn Tia against Bear because of her huge age difference, but she sees this as an opportunity since she’s famous.

“Someone who wants to be impressive so uses it as a way to be the center of attention.”

Photographer Hours after his Arrest

The two were photographed hours after being released on bail following their arrest at Heathrow Airport. Shortly after their arrest, the couple was photographed leaving Bear at his home in Essex and visited a Marks & Spencer.

After the UAE was removed from the UK’s quarantine list, it was stated that Bear must comply with the isolation rules when flying from Dubai.


On January 18, Tia denied allegations that she was Stephen Bear’s girlfriend by posting her Instagram story. She wrote: “The allegations made against me by the Daily Mail and other newspaper articles are not true, they encourage fake news.”

She confirmed that she was 18, not 17, and informed her followers that “newspaper companies will be dealt with accordingly.” Tia ended the articles by calling them “unfounded” and told her followers that they were “just written out of rumors”.

Bear’s ex, Georgia Harrison

Bear’s ex-girlfriend is a television personality, Georgia Harrison. Claiming that Bear filmed the couple while having sex and both posted the footage online without their consent, Bear was arrested on January 15, 2021.

A spokesperson for the Essex Police said: “A man was arrested over an investigation into unauthorized disclosure of sexual photos. The 31-year-old man from Loughton was arrested on Friday (January 15th) on suspicion of disclosing private sexual photos or films without his consent with the intention of grieving, harassing and preventing a police officer. ”

Bear’s ex-girlfriend, Georgia Harrison, thanked her fans for their support after she was arrested Friday when she flew from Dubai on suspicion that sexual photos were disclosed without her consent.

Bear strongly denies the allegations and was released on bail the next day. Georgia told The Sun: “Thank you to everyone who reached it in the last few days. “I have a great team around me, my friends, family and colleagues are just some of the many reasons why I am staying positive right now.