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Tianna Arata
Tianna Arata

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Tianna Arata is a California-based Black Lives Matter promoter who was arrested on July 21 by the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) in California after police said a protest organized by the police turned violent. The activist now faces serious charges. After a protest last Friday, the hashtag #FreeTianna went viral on Twitter as users tried to highlight the incident. A petition demanding not to pursue charges that could see the Black Lives Matter organizer serving years of imprisonment collected nearly 50,000 signatures.
Arata is one of many young people facing serious charges in connection with the Black Lives Matter protest.

Tianna Arata Age

Tianna Arata is 20 years old.

Tianna Arata Arrest

Arata was arrested by the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) in California on July 21, after police said the protest had turned violent.
After the demonstrators’ dispersed from the demonstration, police Arata was arrested on charges of “Participating in a riot … Illegal Assembly … Conspiracy … Illegal Imprisonment … and Resisting Arrest”.

Another demonstrator was detained after he was slightly injured after attacking a police officer during the arrest of Arata.

In the video of his arrest, several officers appear to force him into a police car.

BLM Protests Incidents

The department said in a statement that SLOPD Police Chief Deanna Cantrell had met with Arata before the rally and was assured that the protest would be peaceful. The SLOPD said the protests turned into a demonstration attended by about 300 people, then got out of control when the demonstrators walked onto a highway, and at one point a 4-year-old launched an attack on a passenger vehicle despite being inside.

It is unclear what caused the incident, but SLOPD said protesters damaged the hood of the vehicle and broke the rear window, causing the 4-year-old boy sitting in the back seat to shatter the window.
According to police, protesters were seen targeting at least two other vehicles as they left the highway, while some demonstrators were seen chasing a car and throwing objects.

“It posed significant public safety risks to protesters and community members,” police said.

Tianna Arata Charges

If charges are made against Arata for simply organizing what he hoped would be a “peaceful protest”, he could now face up to 15 years in prison. Police asked District Attorney Dan Dow to file eight charges against Arata, including four serious crimes, a criminal conspiracy, and three misdemeanors. A provisional court date has been set for September.

Tianna Arata Petition

Supporters are urging San Luis district attorney Dan Dow to drop the charges, and on Friday, August 7, protesters gathered to support Arata in front of the San Luis Obispo County Court, with signs saying “Drop the charges”. Black Lives Matters “and” Do the Right Thing. ”

A Change.org petition received more than 70,000 signatures to support Arata, a GoFundMe account was created to help cover its legal fees, and #FREETIANNA trended on Twitter on Monday morning.

“There was no riot,” a woman named Mel, who describes herself as Arata’s best friend, told Newsweek. It was a beautiful, peaceful protest full of Black and Brown joy. They used excessive force; Tianna couldn’t keep up with the six adult men who forced her into the car. ”

Posting a video of Arata’s arrest, sharing a video in which several officers could be seen putting him in a police vehicle, while protesters said he did not “resist” the arrest and demanded that police “get out of him,” Mel accused the police of “kidnapping.” “Arata came out of the street and couldn’t read Miranda rights.