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Tim Smith
Tim Smith

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Tim Smith, the charismatic frontman of influential British rock band Cardiacs, has died at the age of 59.

The news was confirmed by his bandmate Kavus Torabi. Another band representative said Smith had “passed away peacefully [Tuesday] night around 10.30pm”.

Mary Wren, from Cardiacs’ label Alphabet Business Concern, said in a statement: “Despite the struggles Tim faced over the last 12 years, we all somehow felt he would never leave us. This is, in part, because he looked at death square in the face, with his good and true eye, so many times and won … At this time, we are comforted by the fact that he left us quietly, albeit suddenly.”

Tim Smith Age

He was 59 years old.

Tim Smith Married & Background

In 1983, Smith married Sarah Cutts, who joined the group three years ago as a very instrumentalist. Along with Smith, 23 musicians also passed through the bands over the years. They traveled until 2007; The last album, LSD, is not yet finished.

Tim Smith Health

In 2008, Smith had a heart attack and stroke, and had a long rehabilitation period. During cardiac arrest, the brain suffered from oxygen deficiency and was diagnosed with dystonia, which caused uncontrolled contraction of the muscles. A donor established for her care in 2018: “This has affected Tim’s action, dexterity, speaking ability, and added painful muscle tone and spasms that are a permanent feature of his life these days.”

In 2017, Smith explained his situation as follows: “Imagine if you are wearing a tight dress made of a fishing net around you and that electrical pulses are always ongoing. My body feels like this unless I fall asleep.

Tim Smith Career

They released eight albums and would also inspire bands like Napalm Death and Faith No More.

In 2011, Blur preface Damon Albarn told Louder Than War: “Cardiacs were an early inspiration for all of us at Blur. I remember one of his concerts at ULU. Amazing, one of the most magical live performances I’ve ever seen.”

Pete Cashmore, a journalist who wrote in The Guardian in 2015, said, “It cannot be categorized – a group that is pleasant for a moment and cannot rest the next day.”

Mary Wren, who runs Cardiacs’s record label on Wednesday, wrote: “Her fans loved her. She changed people for the better. It saved lives.

“It was a haven for those who needed music and never locked the door or turned anyone down. As if church bells on land must be knocking her name.”

Smith created an early version of Cardiacs in 1977 with his brother Jim, who soon changed his name to Cardiac Arrest. Their first single, A Bus for Bus on Bus, was released in 1979. The group’s complex lyrics were equally drawn from punk and prog, which were considered mutually exclusive by many fans of each style, and gave surreal, theatrical performances.

Between 1980 and 1999, they released eight studio albums that never achieved commercial success. His most famous songs are number 80 on the UK charts, 1988’s Is This the Life? But they were loved by prog artists like Marillion and Steven Wilson and leading rock acts like Biffy Clyro, Faith No More and Blur. The cardiacs supported the latter in 1995 at the Mile End Stadium concert in London.