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Toby Hudson
Toby Hudson

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19-year-old Toby Hudson was unable to reach anyone in his practice in Weymouth, Dorset, due to a malfunctioning telephone system. A college student died of sepsis after attempting to undergo GP surgery 25 times, only appointment was denied, an investigation was heard.

Toby Hudson Age

He was 19 years old.

Toby Hudson Dies From Sepsis

University student Toby Hudson couldn’t talk to anyone in the office due to a faulty telephone system, and eventually gave up and called again the next day to be told that he would not be seen for at least 48 hours.

However, when he tried again the next day, he was told that he would not be able to make an appointment for at least 48 hours because he was enrolled in another surgery in university city Hants, Southampton.

The teenager then went to an emergency care center where he was mistakenly diagnosed with tonsillitis and prescribed antibiotics.

Within 24 hours, Mr. Hudson’s condition rapidly deteriorated, and his parents eventually called emergency services when he lost consciousness.

He had a heart attack, but his arrival to the hospital was delayed because an ambulance initially went to the wrong address.

Hudson tragically died on July 4, 2019, two days after seeking first aid at Wyke Regis & Lanehouse Medical Practice in Dorset.

A post mortem examination showed that he died of multiple organ failure due to sepsis caused by infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever).

It was heard that Mr. Hudson suffered from swollen glands, ‘swollen’ tonsils and a sore throat when his parents called him to speak to a general practitioner.

Partner at Wake Regis & Lanehouse Medical Practice, Dr. Matthew Brook acknowledged problems with the telephone system due to the high patient load, providing evidence.

Dr Brook said: “We were having tremendous problems with our phone system being unable to handle many more calls.”

He insisted that the correct procedures were followed according to national guidelines, emphasizing that temporary residents should only be seen by a general practitioner if they do not need emergency care.

“We’ve had a review ever since and nobody remembered taking the call from Toby.”

The nurse, who joined Mr. Hudson in the emergency care, said at the examination that he “did not remotely worry about his symptoms” and added that he “showed no signs of sepsis”.

He recalled: “His normal temperature was 36.1 degrees, his heart rate was 102 bpm, and he rated his pain as eight out of eighteen”.

Hudson’s father Peter said, “I felt it wasn’t an emergency. I had to press for action and to hear our concerns.

“We have a lot of concerns about his maintenance.”