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Toktam Jorshari
Toktam Jorshari

Toktam Jorshari Wiki – Toktam Jorshari Bio

Toktam Jorshari was attacked by Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend Latoia Fitzgerald. He is making headlines after suing at least $ 1 million by claiming that he was beaten by himself and his girlfriend during the parking dispute, but the two-time league champion denies the accusation.

Toktam Jorshari Lawsuit

According to reports in Jorshari’s case, he alleges that Jorshari was injured and accused both Rondo and his girlfriend of assault and assault, emotional distress and conspiracy crimes. Moreover, it claims unspecified damages exceeding $ 1 million. His lawyers say the video is proof that his clients were victims of this case.

In court documents, Toktam Jorshari says Rondo parked next to a $ 300,000 Rolls-Royce SUV, which he claimed parked in a disabled parking lot.
Jorshari in the suit says the NBA star was angry at how close his driver parked in the side door… and claims that the Atlanta Hawks player and GF swore at him and attacked him for it.

Rondo’s attorney Statement

Rondo’s lawyer, Mark D. Baute, said the images support his client’s case, not Jorshari. “The case is unfair,” Baute told TMZ Sports. “I saw the videotape. Mr. Rondo was polite throughout the match, the plaintiff was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning.”

Rondo was healing a hand injury during the alleged incident, but returned to the NBA’s league bubble at Disney World in Orlando to help the Lakers win the club’s 17th league title.