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Tom Starling
Tom Starling

Tom Starling Arrested

NRL star Kalyn Ponga and new soldier Jack Johns are expected to be questioned by the NRL integrity unit after rising Raiders star Tom Starling is accused of assaulting police on Saturday night.
The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the integrity unit will question Ponga and Johns about what happened at Avoca Beach bar Shady Palms. The duo and Starling were there to celebrate the 21st Knight program Connor Watson.

Starling, 22, is one of four people, two of whom are brothers, responsible for the incident that appears to have occurred around 22.45 on Saturday night.

He was accused five times of attacking, insulting, and resisting arrest in the execution of the mission.

All four have been sentenced on parole and will appear in Gosford District Court on January 21.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Starling claimed he was beaten, but never punched or acted aggressively. However, the police alleged that Starling tried to grab an officer’s pistol before punching him.

According to The Telegram, Starling’s brother claims to have heard an unpleasant comment that he realized was against his mother and triggered an argument.

Starling reportedly jumped a railing into the downstairs section after being told by other guests and trying to help her brother.

His face was cut off and he spent the night under lock and key. After being released on Sunday morning, he received medical treatment at Gosford Hospital.

The Telegraph reported that Starling spoke to Raiders officials to inform her version of the events.

Raiders teammate Curtis Scott comes amidst up to $ 400,000 in compensation claims after police charges were dropped or denied by the judge earlier this year.

“Officers from the Brisbane Water Police District were summoned to a restaurant and licensed building on the corner of Scenic Highway and Avoca Drive, Kincumber, after security sought assistance for a boss who did not leave the venue.

“When the police arrived, they were told that the boss was leaving, so the officers conducted a work inspection on the ground. While inside, the police helped the security who was involved in a fight with another boss who allegedly did not leave the building.

“While the 19-year-old was arrested and removed from the scene, the police will claim that three other men, 20, 22 and 24, were aggressors and repeatedly attacked the police for intervention.

The NRL was aware of the incident and initiated an investigation.

The raiders confirmed that the NRL was reported on Sunday morning.

“The Canberra Raiders were made aware of an incident involving Tom Starling overnight,” said a statement.

“The club notified the NRL integrity unit.

“The club won’t comment any more.”

Starling had an intermediate season for Raiders that gave him a two-year contract extension. He played a total of 18 NRL matches over three seasons – one with Knights.

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