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One of the people who turned to help was EMT Tony Aldapa, who gave us a first-hand account … and seemed willing to risk potential exposure to save the man’s life.

No one knows for sure whether the man has contracted the virus – but some passengers believe he did … and also fear that they may have been infected. Tony told us that they took off the man’s mask but replaced it with an oxygen mask. Still, it creates a lot of concern for what happens on board.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • A man who tested positive for COVID-19 died on a United Airlines flight Monday
  • Video shows CPR-trained individuals who were onboard rushing to help after the man was unable to breathe 
  • Photos also show concerned passengers attempting to help revive the man who was unconscious  
  • United 591 from Orlando, Florida bound for Los Angeles diverted to New Orleans 90 minutes into the flight
  • Since the incident happened, it has been confirmed by United and the CDC the man who died had coronavirus
  • Passengers tweeted they saw the man having difficulty breathing before takeoff from Orlando
  • United also say they believe man lied at check-in when asked if he had any COVID symptoms


The video revealed videos of the desperate struggle by other passengers to save the life of an unconscious man while traveling on a plane from Orlando to Los Angeles.

In terrible distress for the passengers nearby, the man was trembling, sweating, and having trouble breathing even before the flight took off.

However, while United Flight 591 was in the air, his condition quickly deteriorated, and the captain decided to make an emergency landing for the man to seek medical attention.

Fortunately, there were three CPR-trained professionals who were at risk of contracting coronavirus in flight to perform life-saving emergency procedures.

With just over an hour to the flight, the passenger in seat 28D stopped breathing.

The crew asked if there were any doctors on board, and several people with CPR knowledge stood up to help and rush to resuscitate him.

In the image taken by the passengers, three people alternately perform chest compressions on the man, whose identity has not yet been identified.

While the sick passenger was placed in the Unified Boeing 737-900 corridor with the full image of the other involved passengers, three trained professionals practiced CPR for almost an hour before the plane finally landed in New Orleans. he was hospitalized and later died.

Other passengers sitting in various parts of the crowded cabin took pictures as the drama unfolded in front of them.

After the plane landed and tried to rescue her, paramedics from the New Orleans fire department were allowed to board the ship, and his wife found out from other passengers’ hearing that her husband had been suffering from COVID-19 symptoms during the last week and had lost him. sense of taste and smell.

Some detailed how the man’s bones were broken when chest compressions were given during CPR before he turned blue.

Tony Aldapa was one of the selfless passengers who helped apply chest compressions to the man.

I got up after seeing two passengers who were already doing CPR. I said to them “Hey CPR I know” and “Do you need some more help?” I can go in and help with chest compressions. It all started like this.

‘When I got to the point where the fire brigade got on, it took at least 45 minutes,’ Aldapa said. I kept swapping with them until I was taken off the plane.

There was nothing from mouth to mouth. We were doing chest compressions and they put it on the oxygen mask from the plane, then when we had a medical bag held on board, we used an ambu-bag, a bag that you squeeze to breathe, and we used that. to breathe, ‘he elaborated.

Aldapa told DailyMail.com that he continues to help the man despite the risk of contracting COVIDs.

He needed CPR regardless of whether he had COVID or not. I hope everyone will do the same for me or my family if they are in the same situation. ‘

The chest compressions continued for almost an hour, and three professionals with CPR training were able to stay in the aisle as the plane landed.

We all supported each other during the landing and the pilots did a great job of making it as smooth as possible, it was smoother than many flights I have made, to be honest, and the flight attendants did a great job letting us know how close we were. landing and exactly when it would be prepared. ‘

Aldapa says that thanks to his military background, he has managed to keep his cool in the air drama.

‘I had a great education in the Navy and my previous job at Strategic Operations, Inc. in San Diego and felt mentally ready to deal with any emergency. It was obviously stressful, but at the end of the day, I’m happy to get that training. ‘

On Saturday night, Aldapa gave more detailed information on why he decided to get involved and what happened after the man was taken off the plane.

By now, many of you know that I am on the United flight that was on the news. I decided to save the lives of the passengers and I applied CPR for about an hour until I got off with 2 people. And he continued to help the firemen when they got on the ship.

‘I knew the risks of doing CPR to someone with potential COVIDs, but still chose to do so. I spoke with the passenger spouse about his medical history and never mentioned that he was positive, he said he was scheduled to have a test in LA.

I spent the rest of the flight on my own term and with that man’s urine. Since then I have become symptomatic myself and am waiting for the results of my second test. I have not been contacted by the airline or CDC as of now.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change my actions, but I might have taken a step earlier. I could not sit in vain and watch someone die, knowing that I had the knowledge, education, and experience to help. ‘

Aldapa also told DailyMail.com that despite photos taken by other travelers, there was no sense of chaos in the cabin at any point.

There was no chaos on the ship. Photos look like this but it’s because there are lots of people in a small space at one point. Just like getting on a plane, it’s neat, but a photo will make it look like a mob. The flight crew had everything under control as best they could, and the passenger, who was not actively helping, was sitting calmly in their seats. I have been in chaotic situations before, and this was definitely not the case. It certainly could have been, but the flight crew did a great job. ‘

While speaking to EMTs in New Orleans, the man’s wife admitted that her husband tested positive for the coronavirus, meaning that she was probably lying while checking the flight.

At check-in, all United passengers must report whether they experience any coronavirus symptoms.

After the passenger was unloaded in New Orleans, his seat was removed and the Boeing 737-900 plane with a capacity of 179 people continued its journey to Los Angeles.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, United Airlines confirmed that the CDC had contacted him, and he was informed that the man was a coronavirus.

Our flight was diverted to New Orleans due to a medical emergency, and paramedics transferred the passenger to a local hospital where the individual was reported dead. We met with his family and offered our sincere condolences to them for their loss.

At the time of the referral, we were reported to have had a heart attack, so passengers were given the option to board a later flight or continue their travel plans. Now that the CDC has contacted us directly, we share the requested information with the agency so that they can work with local health officials to provide access to any client that CDC believes may be at risk of possible exposure or infection.

The health and safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority, so we have various policies and procedures, such as mask requirements, and require customers to complete a ‘Ready to Fly’ checklist prior to flight No COVID-19 diagnosis has been made in the last 14 days and symptoms related to COVID no ‘expressions were used.

Passengers traveling on the flight of Destiny expressed their disappointment with the airline on social media.

May I ask how you let a cool positive man fly on my plane last night? said a woman.

He was trembling and sweating as he boarded the plane. He was clearly sick and died in the middle of the flight. We made an emergency landing in New Orleans and didn’t even change planes afterwards.

We all sat there for hours while you cleaned his blood and germs with wet wipes. Is this how you manage the safety and health of others? ‘

He said that the claim that the airline believed they had a heart attack was’ ridiculous’ and added: ‘We were never mentioned that we changed this flight due to a cardiac arrest.

Everyone was aware that this was related to COVID because his wife was communicating his medical information and shared that he was COVID positive and symptomatic for more than a week. It is they who cover up that they handled this situation badly. ‘

Another woman named Shay also furiously tweeted to United, accusing them of not checking passengers before boarding the plane and criticizing his wife and wife for flying.

“United, why didn’t you check our temperature before you got on the plane?” tweeted.

The man’s family, why didn’t you go to the hospital or let your husband board the plane like this?

“None of us know if the entire plane was caught or had a heart attack and had to watch him die.”

Shay said she noticed the man was having trouble breathing.

“I made eye contact with his wife and I looked at him and looked down,” Shay said.

She said the medical team on board was trying to revive her for an hour.

‘The family was crying, the people were going crazy,’ she said.

‘He was shocked twice after chest compressions, given an epi-pen, 2 shots of adrenaline and mouth to mouth …’

Spokesperson Charles Hobart, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requested the passenger manifest from United so that other passengers could be notified that they may have been exposed to an illness.

According to the airline, the passenger had completed a form prior to the flight saying that he had not tested positive for COVID-19 and that there were no signs of illness caused by the new coronavirus.

“It appears that the passenger has mistakenly accepted this requirement,” United said.

An organization spokesperson said that the CDC is gathering information to decide whether further action is appropriate for public health.