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Tony Ashai
Tony Ashai

Tony Ashai Wiki – Tony Ashai Biography

Tony Ashai, an award-winning architect from Kashmir, is a brand in itself. Adam set a new benchmark when designing residential and luxury apartments, resorts, shopping malls, five-star hotels and tower developments worldwide. He believes that there are local artistic lines behind his global creative designs.

Tony was born and raised in a common family in Kashmir. Tony was actually a dreamy child who never played games. Everyone else was sitting on the edges, drawing, playing cricket or football. “I was a chubby kid,” he recalls, “always kicked around.” His family thought he was lazy, but they didn’t know, he was busy dreaming. “I would have imagined that I was playing, but I never actually played.” It was a creative force that it could not hit the grass.

Tony Ashai Childhood

an introverted child, Ashai went to private lessons at Srinagar’s art school in Rajbagh. Then he was only in Grade 6 and was too young to enroll in school. However, perceiving her creative interest, she was allowed to learn art with older children. He was very clear about career choice until he passed grade 12. At the age of 16, he flew to Chandigarh to study architecture.

Tony Ashai Education

He graduated in 1985. Soon he went to Italy, France, England and then to the USA. While drawing a local monument, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Robert Shibley saw him. Prof Shibley was impressed by his talent and realistic presentation. He then gave the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Architecture from New York State University in Buffalo.

A year later, Ashia meticulously studied human behavior in urban areas for six months in Europe. Among the few other skills she learned during her European trip were the nature of urban space and its relationship to human psychology.

Tony Ashai Work & Career

Between 1989 and 1992, Tony worked on the renovation of the Chrysler Building for James Barclay and Associates architecture firm in Manhattan. By 1993, he founded his own architectural design form, Ashai & Associates, in Torrance, California. In 1995, Tony established a construction management firm, Ashai Construction and Development, and a new design company Ashai Design Corporation to ensure that their designs are completed as expected.

To begin with, Ashai Design designed high-end luxury environments that enhanced the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Celebrities such as AC Green, David Beckham, Chuck Noski, ex-vice president of AT&T Corporation live in their Ashai-designed home. Their home was also featured in the popular American television series OC.

In 2006, Ashai Design Corporation expanded globally; He provided large-scale design projects in Pakistan, India and Dubai. It now owns offices in these countries, employing more than 40 people. Tony designed Dubai Lifestyle City and five anonymous Ashai towers.

His different approach to design makes him a global rage. He trains his customers to visualize, closes his eyes, and explains their homes right in front of their doors to the gardens. He even asks them to imagine the color of the chandeliers and from which side they are hanging in the room. He sees himself as a chef. “Order, I cook!”

In California, Tony lives with his wife from Kashmiri, Doctor Jamila, and their two children, daughter Simmone and son Billy.

Believing that her artistic lines may be genetic, Tony feels his roots behind his creative work in Kashmir, a region famous for his art and culture. Maybe that’s why now he is expanding his operations in Kashmir by designing a model colony in Rawalpora of Srinagar.