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Tracy Ray Rollins Jr
Tracy Ray Rollins Jr

Tracy Ray Rollins Jr Wiki – Tracy Ray Rollins Jr Bio

Tracy Ray Rollins Jr., 28, from Dallas, Texas, was arrested in Milldale, Connecticut, Wednesday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to a statement from the Pennsylvania State Police.

Murdered on the 80’s snow-covered Interstate ramps in Union County and left by the roadside, Rebecca Landrith tucked into her leather jacket, crucial evidence for investigators: the name, phone number, and email address of the alleged killer.

28-year-old Tracy Ray Rollins Jr. from Dallas, Texas. The arrest documents filed against him reveal details of a complex and swift investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police and joint law enforcement agencies that led to the suspect’s arrest in Connecticut on Wednesday.

Tracy Ray Rollins Jr Arrested


The same details summarize the brutal murder allegations against Rollins. Investigators accuse him of shooting Landrith repeatedly in the cabin of the 2018 Volvo tractor trailer. According to the arrest documents, a total of 18 bullets were shot from Landrith’s body during an autopsy, including his head and neck. He was wounded with two bullets in his hand, with arrest documents indicating that he was fighting for his life.

The identifying information contained in a note with 47-year-old Virginia Landrith was combined with the fast food and gas station receipts she had, after her body was found by a PennDOT worker at the exit of the Mile Run on Interstate 80 just before 7 am on Sunday. In West Buffalo Township. (Police previously stated that the location is in White Deer Township.)

Trooper Tyler Watson, state police in Milton, arrested Rollins and charged him with the crime of murder and body abuse; the second accusation is a fault. The charges are brought in the office of Mifflinburg Magistrate Court Judge Jeffrey Mensch.

Rollins is currently being held on $ 1 million bail at the Hartford Correction Center in Connecticut, where he is pending trial on charges related to his arrest.

The arrest documents detail how investigators used paper evidence to find and verify Rollins’ identity. They matched the dates and times on the receipts with surveillance footage showing a man who fit Rollins’ description in some places in Wisconsin and Indiana and who brought both him and Landrith together in Wisconsin and Ohio.

A search warrant authorized by Union County Governor Judge Michael Hudock allowed access to telecommunications data from Landrith’s mobile phone number in his pocket, which investigators said belonged to Rollins. According to the arrest documents, location data matched information from receipts and surveillance footage, providing additional clues as to where the couple went to the Landrith murder and the path Rollins allegedly followed after the murder.

According to the arrest documents, Rollins was in the Mile Run exit area, where Landrith’s body was located for 15 minutes from 12:11 to 00:26 on Sunday, after police said he had traveled east to Pittston before heading to northern Maine. He stayed at a truck stop on Monday night.

On Tuesday in Woodland, Maine, police said Rollins had received a load for delivery from a paper mill and wrote his name on a COVID-19 survey. On the same day, Milford Police in Connecticut shared that Landrith’s 2007 Honda Civic with South Dakota license plates was pulled from a CITGO gas station there four days ago. The arrest documents said the gas station owner had been abandoned for several days.

Investigators followed the employees of the Pilot Travel Center next to CITGO, who knew Landrith and, according to the arrest documents, he often went to the truck stop with the truck drivers.

PennLive reports that Landrith once worked as a model in New York.

Members of the Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Division found Rollins’ truck at the TA Travel Center in Milldale, Connecticut, Wednesday morning. Rollins was spotted behind the wheel and as he walked away, a traffic stalled and Rollins was detained for questioning.

Before issuing a search warrant for the interior of the vehicle, investigators said a cleaning solution could be clearly seen from the outside of the truck covering parts of the passenger seat and the floor beneath them on the arrest papers.

According to the arrest documents, the soldiers read Rollins’ Miranda rights and agreed to be interviewed. Investigators said he denied that Landrith knew his name and recognized his face when a photo was shown. However, he said he was traveling with a woman named “Leslie” whose car broke down at a truck stop in Connecticut.

Police revealed that Landrith had booked a hotel called “Leslie Myers” in Milford, Connecticut, in December.

Rollins confirmed that he and “Leslie” had traveled in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, arrested paperwork, and stopped at various travel squares along the way.

‘I hate to lie to you because it’s a murder investigation,’ he said when asking Rollins about his travels. information that this is a murder investigation, ”Watson wrote in his criminal statement submitted to Rollins’ arrest documents.

A search warrant has been received for Rollins’ truck. The Connecticut State Police Major Crimes Division searched the vehicle and found blood and related human evidence that someone was shot dead, according to the arrest documents. Soldiers also found six empty casings from a 9mm gun and multiple bullet hits inside the truck cabin, as well as human material on the upper ladder outside the passenger door.

“The location of these bullet hits shows that the bullets were unloaded from the cab of the truck,” the arrest papers say.

When Landrith was on the interstate road in Union County, he was wearing clothes but without shoes and socks. He lay on his back along the shoulder of the exit ramp. The police said he was putting on a black fur cap soaked in blood.

No one could be sure what happened at the time or how his body had come out, but the tips inside his leather jacket would soon allow the police to put together the allegations against the accused killer.

Rollins is still in police custody. Pending extradition to Pennsylvania.