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Tre Brown
Tre Brown

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Tre Brown, a 19-year-old Duluth man, was recently arrested by local law officials in Gwinnett after attempting to fraud nearly $ 1 million at his local store on Steve Reynolds Blvd. According to reports, Brown’s bizarre fraud idea caught the attention of corporate Kroger employees who contacted police after noticing fraudulent transactions.

Tre Brown’s Scam

Most stores have an exchange or return policy these days. Brown used this policy to make money over a two-week period in December 2020. While working in the grocery store, he created over 40 returns for non-existent items and put them on credit cards. The price of the returned items ranged from $ 75 to $ 87,000. According to the police, Brown used this money to buy two vehicles, shoes, clothes and a gun.

According to the New York Post, Brown defrauded the store for more than $ 980,000. Gwinnett County detective Collin Flynn gave insider details about the case and how Brown nearly escaped arrest.

“This thief has decided to be really big,” Gwinnett Corporal Collin Flynn said via Fox6News. “This employee was actually creating fake items. He was taking these items and returning them to a credit card, and he just made up the prices of those items. His first time was in the $ 10 range and while he continued to flee. However, prices continue to rise until he makes more than 87,000 refunds returned to his credit card.” This seems to be the rare case where things sneak through the cracks and one can escape with a large amount of money in a short time. ”

Although Brown returned most of the money, he still faces charges of stealing, according to officials. According to the Gwinnett District Attorney’s Office, there is a prison sentence of up to 12 months and a $ 1000 fine for theft. In addition, the prisoner may be asked to complete a number of courses to help make better life choices. It must also complement community service.

Brown’s main consequences are that he now has a permanent criminal record and will often be banned from carrying firearms and seeking certain types of jobs.