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Trooper Dane Pfeiffer
Trooper Dane Pfeiffer

Trooper Dane Pfeiffer Wiki – Trooper Dane Pfeiffer Biography

Soldier Dane Pfeiffer was a state policeman assigned to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s security team. She reportedly got fever and heavy with Cara Kennedy-Cuomo, one of New York’s first girls. The soldier was soon transferred to a police station near the Canadian border.

According to records, Pfeiffer started his career there after graduating from the State Police Academy in 2015. Sources bought a house in Saratoga Springs, near Albany, in 2018, and said the dramatic change he experienced while commuting to work was considered a form of unofficial punishment that police call “highway treatment.”

Trooper Dane Pfeiffer Transfer

Pfeiffer’s abuse of office was not detected, and his transfer to a state police station in Plattsburgh – about 160 miles north of the Capitol and about 25 miles south of the Canadian border – did not enter the record as an official discipline.

Records show that Pfeiffer bought a house in Saratoga Springs, near Albany, in 2018, and the dramatic change in his commute was considered a kind of unofficial punishment that police call “highway treatment.” One source said Cuomo is “limited on how long he can deal with it, so highway therapy is one of his few options.”

A state police spokesperson claimed that Pfeiffer wanted to be transferred back to Union B “to gain more field experience in order to raise the career progression path to the rank of sergeant.” “Such requests are routine and accepted,” spokesman William “Beau,” Duffy said.

Trooper Dane Pfeiffer & Cara Kennedy-Cuomo

Sources said that Trooper Dane Pfeiffer met 25-year-old Cara Kennedy-Cuomo as one of her father’s bodyguards. The two began dating around March 2019 after moving to the Executive Mansion in Albany due to the coronavirus outbreak, and Cuomo found out about the relationship shortly after.

According to a law enforcement source familiar with the matter, Pfeiffer’s relationship with Kennedy-Cuomo forced him to be removed from his father’s protective detail due to the “dignity preservation protocol”.

A state police spokesperson said that on May 24, Pfeiffer requested a “voluntary transfer” to the B Union in northeast New York. “The governor was transferred to keep her away from her daughter because she didn’t like everything they did,” said a source familiar with the situation.

A source said that this move failed to appease the couple’s enthusiasm and Pfeiffer routinely returned to the Executive Mansion to pick up Kennedy-Cuomo for appointments, further upsetting the governor.

Cara Kennedy-Cuomo Father Has Grudgingly accepted her relationship

In a radio interview last week, when the host stated that Alan Chartock’s two other daughters – Mariah and Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo, 22 – “flew to the coop” since the epidemic, Cuomo may have reluctantly accepted the relationship was mitigated.

“Cara was with me, she did the [Law School Admission Test] and she will do the [Graduate Management Admission Test],” he said. He went to see a friend for a few days.