Trump still optimistic about winning?

Trump still optimistic about winning?

President Donald Trump was playing golf in Virginia when he learned that he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden. However, minutes later, Trump posed with a bride and her bridesmaids during a quick photo shoot. According to the Daily Mail, this was the first time he lost despite his refusal to accept the election. It was also reported that the president said he would open new cases by Monday and said “the election is not yet over”.

The publication reported that the bride passed by the photo shoot as the president had just got off the golf cart and entered the clubhouse. Although apparently upset that Biden had won the election, he stopped and spoke to the bride and the bridesmaid to take a photo. In the photo, Trump is seen smiling next to his bridal party and posing with his thumb. Apparently, he spent a few minutes talking to them before telling them “Have a good life” – then he got into the club. “We love you!” The party who applauded him by shouting certainly seems to be a Trump supporter. Reportedly, a woman can even be heard saying, “That was so beautiful … I can’t breathe.”


Trump has not only received a positive response, as we previously reported being booed and gave his middle finger when he returned to the White House after golfing. Many even took to Twitter to mock the President’s request to leave the White House and tell him he was fired. According to the Daily Mail, on leaving the gold course, the president was not asked about the election result, nor was he given any comments. Apparently other networks like AP and CNN were in the middle of playing around when he called Biden as elected president after he won 20 electoral votes that took Pennsylvania to the White House.


In a statement released by President Trump’s campaign, “We all know why Joe Biden was mistakenly trying to pretend to be a winner and why his media allies were trying so hard to help him: it turns out they don’t want the truth to happen. The simple truth is that this election is not over. “During these hectic days, Trump has requested recounting of ballots in some states for alleged voter fraud – but evidence has yet to be provided. This also led to many demonstrations in different cities, where Trump supporters shouted “stop counting” as some states continued to count legally cast votes. “Apart from the highly controversial states turning to mandatory recounts, or states with valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate winner of our campaign, Joe Biden has not been confirmed as the winner of any state,” Trump added. Said.


He also cited further dignitaries regarding the legislative regulations to be issued on Monday, saying, “From Monday, our campaign will begin to try our case in court to ensure that the electoral laws are fully implemented and that the eligible is seated has an honest right to vote: this is all legal voting. it means that the ballot papers are counted and illegal ballot papers are not counted. It is the only way to ensure that the people have full confidence in our election. “


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