Trump Supporter Compares Abortion to ‘Holocaust’ in Viral Video

Trump Supporter Compares Abortion to ‘Holocaust’ in Viral Video
Trump Supporter Compares Abortion to ‘Holocaust’ in Viral Video

The TikTok video of a woman comparing reproductive rights and abortion with the Holocaust goes viral. On November 3 Election Day, TikTok user “love mom” uploaded a clip of President Donald Trump’s encounter with a self-supporting supporter. According to the video, the unidentified woman is heard comparing abortion with “Auschwitz” and the Holocaust. It then encourages voting for the re-election of the president.

The video, titled “For those asking if there are any supporters of LMAO’s trumps”, has garnered over 100,000 likes since then. You can watch it below.

@loveurmotherfor those asking if they’re trump supporters LMAO

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Many social media users quickly condemned the Trump supporter and criticized her for not wearing a mask as US coronavirus cases skyrocketed.

Although It Is Unclear Where or When the Video Took Place

While it is unclear where and when the video was shot, unidentified female features are heard to encourage viewers to vote for Trump – suggesting that it was probably filmed around Election Day.

Although the 2020 presidential election has not yet been finalized, it started on November 3. Several major war zone states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia, continue to count the rest of the postal ballot papers.

The Trump supporter, wearing sports glasses and an orange vest, opens the abortion by comparing it with the Holocaust and claims it is “just like Auschwitz.”

The filmmaker then asked the woman, “Are you comparing this to the Holocaust?” He asks.

The subject of the video replies, “Correct.” “Because there are millions of innocent children murdered.”

He then adds “Thank God” and encourages the audience to vote for Trump.

Towards the end of the clip, the woman behind the camera claims that Trump “paid for eight abortions”.

He asks the president’s supporter, “This doesn’t seem very pro-life, is Trump pro-life?”

But Snopes argues that the theory that “Donald Trump pays eight sexual partners to get abortions and sign nondisclosure agreements” is unproven.

The newsletter noted that the president has been on the internet for years, including rumors about his sexual history and the belief that his partners are paying multiple partners to have an abortion and signing non-disclosure agreements to prevent them from talking about it.

Snopes cited two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who were at the center of such claims.

“This rumor seems to be based on speculation rather than any concrete evidence,” Snopes says. He listed the following to support his finding:

  • The origin of the claim about the supposed existence of up to eight “Trump mistresses paid to have abortions and kept quiet with nondisclosure agreements” appears to be a gossip blog item that attributed the information to nothing more specific than “one source.”
    2) Neither Daniels nor McDougal claimed to have been impregnated by Trump, nor has any other woman come forward to make such a claim.