Tyrese Devon Haspil Suspect Arrest Of Killing Fahim Saleh

Tyrese Devon Haspil Suspect Arrest
Tyrese Devon Haspil Suspect Arrest

Tyrese Devon Haspil Suspect Arrest Of Killing Fahim Saleh

Tyrese Devon Haspil is as an ex-personal assistant of Fahim Saleh. In Murder case The suspect, identified as Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, is expected to be charged

Tyrese Devon Haspil was selected as a 21-year-old suspect in the terrible dismemberment murder of Fahim Saleh, a technical millionaire who did business in Nigeria before her body parts were located near an electric saw in the luxury Manhattan apartment. New York Times, Haspil’in tutuklanması haberi vererek onu Salih’in “kişisel asistanı” olarak nitelendirdi. Times gazetesine göre Haspil tutuklandı ve cinayetle suçlanması bekleniyor. Haspil, Long Island Lisesi’nden mezun olan, web tasarımında iş yarışmalarında yarışan ve pistte koşan, kendini tanımlayan bir “girişimci” dir.

According to The New York Post, Haspil has worked as chief of staff at Saleh’s venture capital company Adventure Capital and served as his “personal assistant.” ”

Police described Haspil with “anti-felon ID cards written like confetti in Salih’s house”.

According to NBC New York, the remnants of Saleh were discovered by his sister who might have cut the killer because the chainsaw was still attached. The television channel reported Saleh by quoting a friend named “Elon Musk of the developing world”.

Salih built a fortune on tech start-ups, and Haspil, also an avid entrepreneur, was sentenced to work for him, and a business theft may have provided a reason for a terrible massacre.

“We have a body, a removed head, arms and legs. Everything is still on stage. ”NYPD spokesman Sergeant Carlos Nieves told New York Daily News, which reported the body was Saleh. According to the newspaper, a video might have caught a man wearing a suit that went into the elevator with Saleh just before meeting the foul game.

Salih’s arms and legs were cut with “surgical precision” according to the New York Post and placed in bags. The newspaper initially described the scene as “professional”, saying the killer kept the blood “in an almost perfect draft” in a corner.

The friends told Daily News that Salih seemed “happy-lucky” and was not afraid of anything. He set up a number of companies in a prank search app and a motorcycle ride sharing company from his site.

One of my friends told ABC7: “I have never met someone like him, he is always a very good friend who is always on the move, extremely positive, invigorating, glass half-filled, just always always there for you.”

According to The New York Times, detectives believe Saleh has “discovered that the assistant has stolen tens of thousands of him” and is a reason for the murder. Times reported that Saleh did not report the theft allegation to the police, but asked Haspil to repay the money. The New York Post claimed the theft was $ 100,000 and “benefited” from Haspil’s repayment plan.

“It was a charity that turned into a murder act,” The Post said.

Authorities did not approve the details reported in Times, including Haspil’s name and his arrest. Times also reported that investigators believed that Salih was killed the day before he was smashed (stunned with a Taser and then stabbed in the neck and torso) and the killer returned to the apartment to throw the corpse. The killer also used a portable vacuum cleaner to clean the scene, according to the newspaper.

The grisly discovery came July 14 in Manhattan, when police found the “limbless, headless torso” of Saleh inside his luxurious condo, according to The New York Daily News.

The newspaper reported that an electric saw was lying next to the remains. The condo is located on Manhattan’s lower east side on East Houston Street at Suffolk Street.

According to The Daily News, the police also found contractor bags nearby. The newspaper reported that Saleh purchased the condo for $2.25 million last year. “His limbs and head were stuffed in bags in the living room,” ABC7 reported.

The New York City medical specialist said earlier this week that he died of multiple knife injuries to the neck and trunk. His body was found in his apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

His body was cut and shattered, the pieces were placed in separate plastic trash bags. An electrical saw and cleaning supplies were found nearby.

The security camera video showed that Saleh was on the elevator of the apartment building with a man in a dark suit, mask and gloves. The video footage showed Saleh the suspect in the seventh-floor apartment, where a struggle began.