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Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez
Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez

Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez Wiki – Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez Biography

According to reports, a 22-year-old woman who disappeared in the Illinois forest reserve was found dead on Wednesday by those who said she had been raped, beaten, drowned and then set on fire by authorities. The woman was identified as Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez. He was reported missing Monday after taking a walk with his mother and a friend in the Midlothian Forest Reserve. The Cook County forensic officer described the murder as “beyond terrible,” according to the Fox 32 report.

According to the Sun report, Ceja-Ramirez had told his mother and friend that he was tired and would meet them in their car. Her mother was nowhere to be found after she finished running. They started looking at her in the guard area, and the worried mother called the police after finding some of her daughter’s clothes on the ground, but not her.

Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez Age

She was 22 years old.

Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez Found?

According to the Daily Mail, officials say they searched a two-square-mile area with helicopters and K-9 dogs in the woods. The animals picked up the scent on 151th and Pulaski Street, near where the last ping of his phone was located. Based on this information, the police searched an apartment complex two miles away in Oak Forest, three miles from the protected area. The police could not determine if he was in the complex and could not find any clues.

A team of 30 volunteers joined the search team, and 2 days later, they discovered the remains of Ceja-Ramirez while looking through the bushes at 15300 blocks of South Crawford Boulevard. According to community activist Andrew Holmes, Ceja-Ramirez was beaten, partially cremated, and someone stopped him and possibly pulled him into a wooded area and basically tortured him, ”said Fox 32 Chicago. “To the individual, we will not stop. We will continue to search until we find out who you are until we identify you,” Holmes said in an interview with WLS, to Ceja-Ramirez. join.

Flyers have been distributed and a $ 2,000 reward is offered for any information that could lead to the arrest of a suspect. On Thursday, an autopsy report revealed that Ceja-Ramirez died of ligament strangulation without strangulation, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. His death was considered murder. There has not been any arrest in the incident yet and the names of the suspects have not been disclosed yet.

Ceja-Ramirez’s loved ones met at Harvey Wednesday night, remembering him as a college student and assistant teacher. According to the WLS-TV report, relatives said they were afraid that he might be the victim of the foul. “He’s just someone we believe in, who has a future in his hands, just like most of our kids here,” said his uncle Alejandro Villegas. “He was a sweet, humble, smiling, shy boy. He was a good person. And he deserved nothing of it.”

Harvey Mayor Christopher Clark has urged residents to provide any information they may have about what happened to Ceja-Ramirez. “Whatever information you have, if you suddenly see Vanessa, tell someone about it,” Clark said.